How to remedy the regret of home decoration

How to remedy the 16 regrets of home decoration: When the home is renovated, there are some places that we did not think of during the renovation process. Finally, of course, it is regrettable. Let's see how we can remedy these regrets!

Regret 1: No air conditioning hole in advance

Regrets: The decoration was catching up with the winter, so I didn't think about hitting the air-conditioning hole, waiting for the hole that was hit when the air conditioner was in the summer. When the hole can be punched, the rhinestones go up to make the wall in the bedroom a big face, which is very ugly.

Regret remedial: due to the need to use rhinestones for air-conditioning holes, the wall will be dirty. It is best to consider the position and suspension height of the air conditioner when decorating. If you decide to use air conditioner, it is best to hit the air-conditioning hole before shaving. it is good.

Unfortunately 2: the power supply location is not reasonable

Regrettable: The bedroom was not accurately measured, but it was roughly visualized and the position of the power outlet was determined. As a result, when the computer desk was bought home, it was discovered that the position of the legs was just blocking the position of the power outlet. There was no way to replace it with a plug, and the bright line was taken outside.

Regret Remedy: The size of the furniture to be placed should be provided to the electrician as accurately as possible before arranging the position of the power socket in the bedroom. In addition, under the premise of not affecting the appearance, reserve as many power outlets as possible, and use it in the morning and evening.

Sorry 3: The top light is not made dual-control

Regrets: After six months of renovation, I heard that the ceiling light can be double-controlled, a switch next to the door, and a switch at the bedside. This saves the winter from lying on the bed and then turns off the lights.

Regret Remedy: During the renovation process, communicate with friends and workers to find a suitable decoration plan for your home. If you can't do the dual control lights, you can install the controller on the ceiling light, and turn the top light into a remote control, which can also achieve dual control effect.

Regret 4: Geothermal backfilling the ground is not leveled

Regrets: When you renovate your bedroom, you can change the geothermal heat. You can not level it when you fill it back, causing the ground to be uneven and the height difference is large. Although there is nothing wrong with the naked eye, the quality of the ground is too bad, which seriously affects the paving of the floor and requires that the ground level be re-grounded.

Regret Remedy: When the geothermal backfill is completed, the owner must be present. The site urges the workers to level the ground. The more flat the floor is when backfilling, the easier it is to lay the floor. Otherwise, it will be leveled by the equal method of land flow afterwards, which is not only costly but also complicated in process.

Regret location: living room

Sorry 5: There is no remaining size in the entrance door size

Regrets: When the second door of the living room was installed, only the thickness of the floor was considered, and the thickness of the floor mat was not considered. As a result, there is almost no room for the floor to be laid. Originally, I wanted to put a beautiful floor mat at the entrance, but now it seems impossible.

Regret Remedy: When installing the door, you must fully consider the thickness of the floor, floor tiles, floor mats, etc., and leave the rest in advance.

Sorry 6: The wall is not reserved for the wall socket

Regrets: When the TV background wall is renovated, the overall effect is overlooked, and its practical functions are neglected. As a result, the power socket of the wall-mounted TV is forgotten. No way, now LCD TVs can only be placed on the TV cabinet, feeling very depressed. If you hang up, you have to take the bright line, which is ugly.

Regret Remedy: If the owner uses an LCD TV at home, be sure to reserve a wall outlet on the wall. If the TV cabinet is of standard height, even if the TV is placed on the TV cabinet, the wall socket can be blocked without affecting the appearance.

Sorry 7: The background decoration painting spacing is small.

Regrets: the background decoration painting that was first hanged in the living room decoration, and the sofa that was bought later. The size of the decorative painting is 0.6m×0.6m, and four frames are hung together. The spacing between each frame is 0.4m and the total length is 3.6m. When I was hanging, I felt very beautiful. When the 4.2m long sofa was placed, it seemed that the decorative painting was too small, and the spacing would be bigger.

Regret Remedy: Before hanging the background decorative painting, be sure to determine the length of the living room and the size of the sofa. After considering these factors, decide the spacing of the decorative painting. Otherwise, if you rework, you will leave a nail on the wall.

Regret 8: Hanging the keel without considering the chandelier

Regrets: When the living room ceiling is not considered too much, and there is no communication, it is completely done by the woodworker himself. As a result, there was a problem when the lamp was installed. The crystal chandelier bought was not safe. The worker master said that he did not know the crystal lamp at the beginning, so the keel in the ceiling was very simple and could not bear the weight of the crystal chandelier.

Regret Remedy: If you want to install the luminaire in the ceiling, you must participate in the design of the structure behind the ceiling. It cannot be claimed by the carpentry. The carpentry does not know the future lighting design. If the skeleton behind it is not appropriate, it will affect the future lighting.

Regret location: kitchen

Regret 9: The flue is blocked and difficult to disassemble

Regrets: There are a lot of pipes on the top of the kitchen against the corner of the wall. The concrete pressure plate is used for the decoration, and the exhaust pipe of the hood is put in, and the outside is tiled. As a result, it was found that the smoke hood was not exhausted during use, and it was very difficult to replace the exhaust pipe.

Regret Remedy: The flue or fixed pipeline should not be sealed when it is renovated. It can be wrapped with a board, then scraped white or brushed oil on the outside, and leave the inspection port for future maintenance.

Regret 10: The water heater is exposed

Regrets to say: the use of gas water heaters, the kitchen decoration only considers the reserved hot and cold water pipe interface, but ignores the packaging of the water heater. As a result, the appearance of the water heater bought back is not particularly good-looking, and there are many pipelines. It is neither beautiful nor easy to care for when exposed to the kitchen. The grade of the whole kitchen will come down at once.

Regret Remedy: If you decide to install a gas water heater in the kitchen, it is best to make a cabinet with a louver door to place the water heater, which is both beautiful and good for heat dissipation. The louver door cabinet can be made in the cabinet manufacturer, so the overall effect of the kitchen will be better.

Regret 11: The size of the refrigerator is not accurate

Regrets: When decorating the kitchen, I only considered the width of the refrigerator, but forgot the thickness. I forgot that there was a metal plate at the bottom of the refrigerator. I only measured the thickness of the front. The result was 5cm. The result was that the refrigerator was not enough. The refrigerator protruded out of the box, and it was at the entrance, which affected the effect.

Regret Remedy: The size of kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cookers, dishwashers, etc. must be determined before the kitchen renovation, try to measure accurately, and design the actual size of the kitchen according to these data and the specific placement.

Regret 12: The kitchen does not have a rack

Regrets: The kitchen is not large, and there is no shelf along the wall. It feels that the corner space of the kitchen is not well utilized, and the seasoning bottles needed for cooking are not enough, and some tools such as knives, shovel, spoons, etc. There is no place to put it, so I have to pile it up in the cabinet, which is very inconvenient to use.

Regret remedy: The kitchen is the place to cook, so it must be practical. If the kitchen is small, you should make some shelves or brackets on the wall according to the structural features to facilitate the placement and hanging of essential items.

Regret location: bathroom

Regret 13: The floor drain is less

Regrets: The bathroom is 5 square meters. When the decoration is completed, only a floor drain is placed next to the toilet and under the wash basin. It looked good at the time and it was very inconvenient to use. The shower curtain is used, and a bath of water splashes on the ground, making the entire bathroom floor wet. In addition, the washing machine cannot be used at all because there is no way to drain.

Regret Remedy: Since the bathroom always has to deal with water, the floor of the bathroom must be drained as much as possible to facilitate drainage. Floor drains are usually installed in the wash basin, in the shower area, next to the washing machine, and next to the toilet.

Regret 14: The shower area is not waterproof enough

Regrets: The waterproof area of ​​the bathroom shower area is 1.5 meters high. It can be said that it is 1.8 meters, and 1.5 meters is easy to leave hidden dangers. But now I want to re-waterproof it is too late.

Regret Remedy: Whether it is the ground or the shower area, the waterproofing of the bathroom must be in place. In particular, the waterproofing of the shower area, if possible, should be made as high as possible, and the width should be as wide as possible according to the size of the shower area, so as to ensure that nothing is lost.

Regret 15: The bathroom is not light enough

Regret to say: the bathroom has no windows, so I always hope to brighten up. However, I didn't think much about the decoration. I thought that there was a light on the Yuba. Who knows that it is inconvenient to use it. The light of Yuba is too dark. I don't want to make makeup in the bathroom.

Regret remedy: the light in the bathroom is also very important, the lack of light is not conducive to life, but also easy to cause people to suppress. Usually the light emitted by Yuba, the light is mostly yellow, softer, but not bright enough. It is recommended to set up several light sources in the bathroom, such as the mirror headlights of the bathroom cabinet. It is also possible to replace the bulb in the middle of the bathroom with a small energy-saving lamp. The effect will be better.

Regret 16: Yuba is too close to the shower

Regrets: The bathroom area is relatively small, especially in the shower area. Due to the tight space, the shower was too close to the shower. There was no problem during installation. I always felt that the water sprayed from the shower would splash on the Yuba. If the wet weight of the Yuba is easy to cause a short circuit, an accident will occur.

Regret remedial: the construction of the bathroom should be as dry and wet as possible, especially water and electricity separation. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Yuba should be installed as far as possible from the shower.

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