2013 latest kitchen renovation renderings

Kitchen decoration is an important part of home decoration, and it is even more difficult to achieve beautiful kitchen decoration. Because of its strong functionality, it tends to consider more practical functions when designing, and often ignores the appreciation, so it needs more Refer to the kitchen decoration in the decoration renderings, choose your favorite decoration style, and add quality to your home life.

Having a well-designed, well-decorated kitchen will make you feel relaxed and happy. Kitchen decoration must first pay attention to its functionality. To create a warm and comfortable kitchen, one must be clean and fresh; the second is to have a comfortable and convenient operation center: the cabinet should be scientific and comfortable. The height of the cooktop, the distance between the cooktop and the sink, the distance between the refrigerator and the cooktop, the choice of vegetables, cut vegetables, cooking, cooked vegetables have their own space, the cabinet should be designed drawers; three must have fun: for the modern family, the kitchen It is not only a place for cooking, but also a space for family exchanges. Leisure stage, craft paintings, green plants and other decorations begin to enter the kitchen, and the breakfast table and bar are more good ideas for creating a leisure space. What I saw and heard during the day was a scene before dinner. The following small series for everyone to collect the latest kitchen decoration renderings for your reference!  

2013 latest kitchen decoration renderings Daquan

2013 latest kitchen decoration renderings Daquan

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