Tomato management new technology

    In recent years, with the development of vegetable growing industry, people can eat fresh vegetables all year round. Its management is very important.

    Growth period management. Including cultivating and weeding, water storage and protection, tying vines, pruning, removing old leaves, ventilating and lightening, strengthening pest control, and strengthening temperature management. Among them, the diseases of tomatoes mainly include viral diseases, bacterial wilt, early blight, and late blight. The main pests are cotton bollworms, aphids and the like. The disease of tomatoes can be prevented from being refractory, and should be based on "prevention". Root can be used with "insecticide" to irrigate roots, which can promote the active ingredients of pesticides to kill the roots of fruit trees.

    Fertilizer management. The growth period of tomatoes generally does not require watering in the summer and autumn rainy seasons, but when the second to third ear fruits are ripe, they should be properly watered. According to the growth of tomato plants, spraying the fruit and fruit to make the fruit vegetables enhance the quality of pollen fertilization, the cycle fruit set rate is strong, promote fruit development, preserve flowers and preserve fruit. Compared with the non-applied tomatoes, the fruit color and sweetness yield were higher than several grades.

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During the process of road work, drop glass bead onto the road line painted with thermoplastic paint which is heated to certain temperature while the paint is still wet, thus to increase the reflectivity of road marking. According to the specification of Communication Industry Standard of the People`s Republic of China No. JT/T446-2001, the granulometry for drop on glass bead is shown in the table below:

Other parameters keep conformity with the type of intermix.

The glass bead can be produced based on the standard of countries or areas, such as EN1423/1424, AASHTO M247, BS6088, JIS R3301 and KS L2521 etc.

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