Corn enters the stage of pests and diseases

Recently, 22 forecasting technicians from the main producing provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and experts in the corn industry system have made predictions on the trend of pests and diseases in the middle and late stages of corn this year. It is expected that the pests and diseases in the middle and late stages of this year will be more serious, and the occurrence will be heavier than normal. The insects are more serious than the previous year, and the diseases are lighter than the previous year. From late July to the end of August , various pests and diseases are in full bloom.

In the middle and late stages of maize, the diseases and insect pests are mainly drill collar, leaf-feeding, sucking pests and leaf diseases, among which the three-generation armyworm has a high risk of recurrence; corn borer, big spot disease and small spot disease are more common and harmful. Heavy; cotton bollworm, leafhopper, aphid, double spotted leaf beetle and brown spot, Curvularia leaf spot, head smut, smut, brown spot, stem rot, gray spot, etc. The area causes certain harm. The country is expected in late corn pests and diseases 9.2 million mu, 6.2 million mu of pests, diseases 3.0 million mu.

Among them, the first generation of corn borer occurred in Heilongjiang, and the middle and west reached a big occurrence; the second generation of corn borer occurred in Liaoning, Hubei, Hunan and Chongqing; the third generation of armyworms in the northeast and north China was heavily heavier; the aphids were heavier in Ningxia. Occurred; Ye Hao occurred in Ningxia. The large spot disease occurred in the northeast and north of China; the brown spot disease increased in recent years, and it was found to be heavier in the Huanghuai area; gray spot disease occurred in most parts of the southwest and occurred in the northeast.

National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center Pest and Disease Forecasting Office


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