Explosion proof principle of explosion-proof mobile cable disc

In the coal mines, oil fields, flammable dust environment and some dangerous gas environments, mobile cable trays are often used, and one of the common points of these environments is “flammable and explosive”. Use explosion-proof cable reels here. So what kind of mobile cable tray has the explosion-proof function? The senior electrical engineer of Wolves will explain the explosion-proof principle of explosion-proof mobile cable tray. Understand the principle of explosion protection and also have basic help in selecting products.

● One of the explosion-proof principle of explosion-proof mobile cable tray - no static electricity, no spark

The most important point of explosion-proof work is to avoid the generation of sparks and static electricity. One-point sparks may cause devastating disasters to the entire coal mine or an area.

Wolves explosion-proof mobile cable tray not only turntable, bolt housing is cast aluminum alloy, the entire body including industrial sockets, plugs, handles, wheels (two rubber wheels) are aluminum material, and the surface spray, in a strong and durable Based on the guarantee of absolute safety.

Wild Wolf explosion-proof mobile cable disc built-in small leakage switch, such as the occurrence of accidental leakage, this leakage protection device will quickly power off within 0.03 seconds, to prevent accidents.

● Explosion Proof of Explosion-Proof Mobile Cables - Safe and Reasonable Structural Design

This phenomenon is often seen in daily life when plugs cause sparks during plugging and unplugging. In coal mines and other environments, this is a resolute effort to put an end to it.

Explosion-proof moving cable tray bolts have division and closing instructions. The grounding contact on the plug is longer than the main contact. When the plug is inserted, the grounding plug is connected first. When the plug is disconnected, the grounding plug is detached; the plug and socket are interlocked and the power is off. Can be plugged in. This will greatly avoid sparks and static electricity products and ensure the safety of electricity.

● Explosion Proof Mobile Cable Cable Explosion Proof Principle III - Cable Flexibility “Good Resistance”

This condition often occurs on construction sites or in normal outdoor projects: the cable is particularly soft and hot after a period of work on electricity, and there is a burning smell of plastic even when the quality is almost the same, which is absolutely not allowed in special environments. of.

Wolf's explosion-proof mobile cable tray 3*2.5mm2, 3*2.5+1mm2, 3*4mm2, 3*4+1mm2 models, rubber Ycw type, good flexibility, and wear resistance, pull resistance, high temperature resistance, in explosion-proof On the basis of this, it guarantees usability and is "safe and durable."

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