A Rubbee Creative Device that Makes Bicycles Change to Bicycles in One Second

A Rubbee Creative Device that Makes Bicycles Change to Bicycles in One Second

On Kickstarter's website there is an electric engine called Rubbee that is under financing. The magic of this product is that it can turn a road bike into a motorcycle in a matter of seconds.

Designed by several British designers, Rubbee is a small revolution driven by electricity. It can be installed on any bicycle without special tools or cables. Please use the video to understand how this product is used:

“Rubbee is a high-efficiency electric friction drive dedicated to bicycles, which has changed the traditional method of driving electric bicycles. With its own fixing device, it can be quickly fixed to bicycles. In addition, the product is also integrated. A battery pack lasts up to 15 miles and is fully charged in two hours," said the designer.

At present, Rubbee is financing the Kickstarter website. Interested students can go to the site to provide support, or they can wait for domestic cottage products to appear. It should be very soon.

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