Smart home, electronic cat eye access control system electronic lock

Gaoli Lock Industry solemnly held the smart home new product investment joining conference
As a leading enterprise in the application of bio-fingerprint and ID and IC technology in the lock industry, Gaoli Locks launched the intelligent security, convenient and simple smart home "electronic cat eye access control system" electronic lock at the 15th Guangzhou Construction Expo in 2013. This product cleverly utilizes network penetration technology to realize electronic cat eye access control system functions, namely: remote video transmission, remote doorbell, remote unlocking, remote intercom, paging warning, remote alarm, data archiving, simple access, and can be applied to Android. System phone, IPHONE (Apple) phone. The product is dedicated to the seamless integration of traditional industries and high-tech industries, as well as the perfect integration of traditional crafts and IT technology.
Such products are diversified, modernized, and technologically innovative. In addition to its basic functions of fingerprint lock and smart door lock, it can also be unlocked by wireless remote control and mobile phone remote control. Among them, "electronic cat's eye" can realize remote video transmission, remote doorbell, remote unlocking, remote intercom access control system function through real-time monitoring, and the 24-hour alarm system is automatically turned on. Cat eyes 24 hours, 175 degrees all weather, all-round, no dead angle monitoring.
In addition, this intelligent system can automatically save the data generated by each unlocking, and send it to the user's mobile phone in real time to realize the information return, realize the intelligent home invisible security guard, and protect in real time. Again, as long as the WIFI route or AP with Internet access can be accessed with our access control system. Network penetration technology, no need to do any mapping by the router, easy to log in and use immediately. As long as the electronic lock cat eye is connected to the Internet, it can seamlessly interface with the mobile phone system and the computer system, and has its own wireless AP function, which can make the original WIFI coverage wider. The most distinctive feature is that the system can be applied to Android mobile phones, IPHONE (Apple) mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones, and Xiaomi mobile phones.
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Gaoli Lock Industry has launched a smart home "electronic cat eye access control system" electronic lock

Compared with other similar products, this smart home electronic cat eye electronic lock is a subversive product of fingerprint lock products .
At present, the innovation of smart locks has always been on the product unlocking multi-function type, whether it is card, fingerprint, iris, face recognition, these are undoubtedly from the lock to prevent theft. Although the technical content of the locks continues to increase, at the same time, the thief's unlocking methods are constantly improving, and violent unlocking is still the biggest threat to locks. Once the thief has crossed the line of defense, it will inevitably suffer significant losses. Smart home electronic cat eye lock due to its 165 degree angle, 24-hour video real-time surveillance video, telephone remote video intercom and other functions, even if encountering violent unlocking, can record the thief's behavior in the first time, and make an alarm to the property The loss has been reduced to a minimum.
Gaoli Lock has a huge Internet of Things system that uses the Internet to install a pair of invisible hands for the house and a very strong invisible anti-theft net for home security. The Gaoli Lock Industry Internet of Things can control all the home appliances in the home through remote operation, bringing customers a fully intelligent home life. The high-definition surveillance system uses a high-definition omni-directional camera that can remotely control and monitor every corner of the home. It can also be clearly recorded in the dark without being affected by light.
In terms of after-sales service, customers can check the situation at home by logging in to Gaoli's official website after purchasing high-profit products, even if they are abroad, they can operate through the Internet. If you want to go out for a long time, and it is not convenient for the Internet, you can also entrust the monitoring work at home to the company. In addition, we can also customize all kinds of personalized services on the Gaoli Information Platform.
About Gaoli Lock Industry:
As a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of locks and construction hardware, since its establishment in 2007, Gaoli has been persistently pursuing the development route of scientific and technological innovation, and has now developed into a medium-sized private enterprise integrating technology, industry and trade. Enterprise, professional development and sales of electronic monitoring software and system equipment, smart home products, network engineering design, installation, maintenance, specializing in the production of fingerprint locks, RF sensor locks, electronic locks, mobile phone remote locks, mortise locks, security door locks , hardware decorative accessories and other products. The company has more than 800 employees, covers an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters, has 13 production workshops, more than 30 production lines, and annual sales income of more than 250 million yuan. Adhering to the "quality-oriented, customer first" business philosophy, after years of sustained and stable development, Gaoli has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry at an alarming rate and has become a leading enterprise in the industry; it has nearly 100 distribution points in major cities across the country. The channel and market sales network covers the whole country and the whole country. It is sold well in all major cities in China, and is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and other countries and regions. It has a large number of overseas customers and enjoys a high reputation.

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