What are the office feng shui taboos?

The office is the longest place for us to stay in addition to our home. The feng shui is as important as the home feng shui. The quality of office feng shui not only affects the overall business fortune, but also has a close relationship with each employee's wife, wealth, son, and sage, which shows the importance of office feng shui. So what are the office feng shui taboos? Let's take a look at the following.

First, the office should not be washed in front of it: the front of the office should not be rushed in all kinds of roads: roads, poles, big trees, sharp corners and so on. Otherwise, the employees or supervisors in the unit are not only easy to go through, but also hinder frequent occurrences, diseases, strange things, strange officials, and even frequent personnel changes, lack of centripetal force, and can not retain employees.

Second, the office seat should not be empty: the office seat should have a backing; because the mountain is good, the Lord is more expensive, supportive, and act steadily, and the successor; if the seat is empty, it often forms insufficient strength, physical weakness, personnel stability Insufficient, employees lack of heart, lack of visibility, and even seriously affect the foothold of all companies.

Third, the office should not be around: there should not be too tall buildings in the vicinity of the office, otherwise it will not only bring pressure, but also destroy the stability of the office, generate good and bad fortune, subvert the original Feng Shui The advantages that the bureau should have, even the loss of employees' ethical feelings, turned their faces and did not recognize people.

Fourth, the office should not open too many partial doors: Although the opening of the door is a good way to strengthen the office air transport, especially when the office does not go well, the large enough office can open the door to achieve the rushing and replenishing effect. However, remember that you should never open too many partial doors, because too many partial doors will make people lose their popularity, their fighting spirits will disappear, their financial resources will not gather, or their financial resources will not be able to gather their achievements and goals.

Fifth, the office should not be dark and unclear, lacking lighting: the light and darkness of the office has an absolute relationship with the success or failure of all undertakings. The office should be full of light, bright and pleasant, so that the performance can flourish, good people in the early days. The rewards and punishments are clear, and the employees do their best to be responsible. On the other hand, the dark and dark office often brings obstacles and disobedience, as well as the fortune of the villain, dereliction of duty, and low morale of employees.

Sixth, the office should not be blocked by the passage, hindering a lot: the access of the office is just like the blood of a person, and it should be smooth; however, some offices are convenient or careless, and stuffing things that should not be placed in the office is blocked. Throughout the channel, this often leads to difficulties for employees, financial resources, poor communication, poor performance, and no performance, which seriously affects the development of the cause.

Seven, the office should not be guilty of white tigers: the geography of Feng Shui said that there is a saying that [Ning Ke Qing Long Gao Qianzhang, it is not appropriate for the white tiger to raise his head. In other words, from the perspective of feng shui, the office looks out ahead, preferably the left dragon is higher than the right tiger; that is, the building on the left front should be slightly higher than the building on the right front, because this means the gas of the whole office. There will always be positive developments in the game, and everything will be auspicious and everything will go smoothly. On the other hand, if the right tiger is high and the left dragon, there will often be wicked people in the road, good people suffer, officials are not tongues, full of disasters, good things and other negative negative phenomena.

Eight, the office Mingtang should not be narrow and narrow: the office should be wide and wide; from the perspective of the Jinggong gossip, the Mingtang position in front of the office is in the position of being out of position, and is a symbol of the cause in the gossip. Therefore, Mingtang, which is the position in front of the office, can be said to directly refer to the future of this unit. Therefore, if the office’s Mingtang is narrowly closed, it will inevitably symbolize the limited future of this unit, hindering numerous and difficult development. After that, if the inside and outside of the office are open and quiet, it means that the company or this unit has a bright future and is successful.

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