Wood floor maintenance should pay attention to what?

May is the peak season of floor sales, but also the season of decoration. However, the upcoming summer season is not only high in temperature, but it is often mixed with rain. It is also a test for the quality of flooring. Under the premise of being installed, how to scientifically and correctly maintain the wooden floor is the key. What aspects should be paid attention to when maintaining the wooden floor?

Summer wood floor maintenance, humidity control is very important. The air is too humid and can easily cause the wooden floor to bulge. Especially now this season, the weather is uncertain and the air humidity is extremely unstable. When the humidity is too high, the windows must be opened for ventilation. General indoor humidity is maintained at 50% to 70%, which is the most suitable humidity range for the human body. It is also the most suitable humidity environment for solid wood flooring.

The air is too dry and it is easy to shrink with the wooden floor; when the humidity is lower than 50%, wet the floor with wet cloth that is not dripping wet many times. Especially in relatively dry areas such as the north.

Wood floors can also be deformed by being soaked in water. How to solve the problem of blisters on the floor, we must first observe the amount of water. For wood floors that are not heavily inundated, a small area of ​​available vacuum cleaners sucks water vapor away from the splicing gap in the water-soaked wood flooring, except in the shortest possible time. , Or take the hair dryer to dry with cold air, feel relieved at the floor to remind everyone but do not use hot air to prevent the surface from dry deformation due to heat drying.

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