How to prevent lodging of summer corn

In the summer rain season, heavy storms and rains often occur, which tends to cause the corn to fall, affecting corn growth and yield. The technical measures for preventing lodging of corn are as follows:

Artificial emasculated tassels account for more than 1/4 of the height of the plant . After pollination, the tassels are removed and the height of the plants is reduced, which can alleviate the damage of the wind and the lodging caused by the wind, and reduce the shading of the field group. Increasing light transmission is also conducive to the transport of nutrients to the ear, enhancing grain filling speed and 1000-grain weight, and achieving the purpose of preventing back-up and increasing yield.

Breeding soil can promote the development of roots and stems in the roots of the ground, and enhance the resistance of the plants to rooting. It is one of the effective measures to prevent the lodging of corn. Summer corn can be carried out before jointing to sealing the ridge. The depth of cultivating is generally 5~8 cm, and the height of net cultivating soil is generally 8~10 cm.

Chemical control and anti-fall have some chemical regulators (such as corn robustness), which can inhibit the elongation of stem internodes, control the height of corn plants, promote the thickening of stems, develop roots and enhance the lodging resistance. The period of use, concentration and spraying method of the chemical control agent must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the product specification. Otherwise, it is easy to cause phytotoxicity and reduce production.

After lodging, the remedy for the corn field that has entered the filling period and has fallen back, because the ear has developed, can not be straightened, let it slowly resume growth, the upper part of the green part can still carry out photosynthesis, supply the ear part grout, hard support On the contrary, it will cause the roots to affect the growth ; for the lodgings that have just been extracted from the filaments that have not been pollinated, they should be straightened and soiled immediately after the rain.

(Xue Yuxia, Longmu Town, Da'an City, Jilin Province)


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