Small apartment minimalist decoration style skills introduction

Minimalism aims to create a beautiful, high-grade style, abandoning all useless details and retaining the most authentic and pure part of life. Therefore, whether it is the architectural world or the painting world, whether it is fashion design, mobile phone or watch design, there are many minimalist followers. Nowadays, minimalist furniture has gradually become popular. People are pursuing simplicity and clarity in the design of indoor environment, and strive to be neat on the lines, and the color has changed from gorgeous to elegant. The several sets of designs presented in this edition will further explain the unique charm of the minimalist style and introduce some minimalist decoration methods.

Method 1: Make the interior decoration "subtraction"

The floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony adopt a set of decorative paintings, which make the whole space flow with a moist, fresh and natural atmosphere. The interior is equipped with minimalist furniture and incorporates some artwork and plants to complement the balcony decoration. In light-colored environments, dark home accessories are striking in terms of form, proportion and color. In addition to the necessary functional items in the living room, there is no extra decoration, so that the simple style is vividly displayed here, showing the humanity design and interpreting the modern life.

Method 2: Color is dominated by black and white

Simple design expresses a culture and requires designers to have a certain experience. A harmonious effect can be achieved in the matching of furniture and accessories. Whether it is the shape of the furniture or the appearance of the jewelry, it can give people a sense of mystery. The color of the living room is mainly black and white, avoiding the appearance of other colors in the living room. The design of the entire living room is like a work of art. It uses sensuous expression techniques to approach nature and integrate abstract space concepts into the purity and beauty of nature.

Method 3: Use materials that reflect simple characteristics such as glass and metal

Glass, metal and other materials that can reflect simple characteristics, combined with light-colored floor tiles, create a cool-colored picture. In the use of lighting, it is mainly warm yellow, quite a bit of effect. All interiors are designed in a straight line, while giving up the traditional door and window cover, embodying a minimalist style with the simplest design.

Method 4: Avoid the appearance of tall furniture

Taking into account the characteristics of the apartment - the height of the floor is short, to avoid the appearance of tall furniture in the living room, do not make complicated theme walls, the color is also avoiding mess, the color of the sofa and the TV cabinet are very similar. This combination makes the space more flexible and more open, with a unique decoration embellishment, the entire space layout is easy, lively, modern and full of personality.

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