Silver Queen Cultivation Management Skills

Silver Queen cultivation management skills :

Potted peat soil and peat soil are best. It can also be mixed with humus soil and sandy loam, and diluted with a small amount of ferrous sulfate to acidify the soil. Hi astigmatism, especially afraid of direct sunlight in summer. In the outdoor, it is necessary to use 65% to 75% of the sunshade net, and it should be stored in the light intensity indoors to make the leaves bright. Long-term in the dark; the color of the leaves is dim, the leaves are soft and not strong, affecting the viewing effect. Not cold-resistant, the temperature must be taken to 10 ° C to take insulation measures. After freezing, the whole plant is ulcerated and should not be lower than 15 °C in winter.

Watering is less in the winter and spring rain seasons, and the soil is dry after the winter and spring seasons. At the same time, the minimum temperature should be above 15 °C to pour appropriate warm water. It grows vigorously in summer and can supply a lot of water. In the late spring and early summer, some acid nitrogen fertilizer can be applied less, and in the summer, nitrogen fertilizer can be added. In the early autumn and mid-autumn, some compound fertilizer can be applied, and in the late autumn and early winter, the fertilizer can be stopped. The fertilizer has sufficient stems and thick stems, and the leaves are enlarged.

Temperature regulation: Silver Queen likes a warm and humid climate, is not cold-resistant, grows fastest at 20-24 °C, stops growing above 30 °C, and the leaves are prone to yellow dry tips. Therefore, in the summer, the heat should be cooled down and the ventilation should be carried out. In winter, it should be cultivated in the greenhouse. The winter temperature should be 10 °C, not lower than 5 °C.

Light regulation: In summer, it is necessary to pay attention to shading in outdoor cultivation, and it is not too strong, otherwise it is prone to sunburn. In the winter shed indoors, pay attention to lighting when it is wintering, to prevent the lack of light and the leaves become lighter.

Water and fertilizer regulation: Spring and autumn growth season, watering should be sufficient, potting soil should always be kept moist, and often spray water with leaves close to room temperature to prevent dry tip, but can not accumulate water. During the peak season, a thin liquid fertilizer is applied half a month, and watering is less in winter, and the topdressing is stopped.

Trim and change the basin: As the plant grows up, in order to maintain a good plant shape, the old leaves of the base should be cut. In addition, the hanging buds have strong sprouting ability, fast growth, easy to grow full of pots, and should be changed once every two years.

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