Shrinking five kinds of branches can increase the fruit setting rate

Shrinking weak branches Long and weak branches are mostly uniaxially extending branches, which will weaken after 3-4 years, and must be shrunk to rejuvenate. When shrinking, if there are many flower buds, it is a "big year", you can shrink it in place at one time, that is, once cut to the strong branch at the back, the cut is small, leaving the protection æ©›; if the flower bud is less, it is "small year" Those, can be "first raise and shrink, cut down year by year", in case the contraction is weaker. It is advisable to use the method of early flowering buds and elevation angles to raise branches. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Shrinking light legs are in perennial branches, some have a small number of branches at the front end, but there is a long period of baldness behind them. For such branches, parallel branches or drooping branches should be left under the shrinking cut. The diameter of the cut should be larger than the diameter of the branch to achieve the effect of “preventing before and after promotion”, which is beneficial to the germination and growth of latent buds on the bare belt behind. If there is no branching branch, the cut should be close to the first bud when shrinking, which can weaken the germination ability of the first bud under the cut, so as to play the role of “suppressing one and promoting the second”, greatly enhancing the second Germination of buds and third buds. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
The stringed branches of the shredded string shall be trimmed in time for the strength and pruning reaction of the branches. For the varieties that are less sensitive to the pruning reaction, in order to prevent shrinkage and lead to "rushing flowers", one should avoid the flower shrinkage, that is, short from the 1-2 leaf buds of the flower; Leave 1-2 twigs under the cut. Don't break your head. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
The backbone branches of the shrinking branches and branches of fruit trees will gradually weaken in the late stage of fruit growth, especially the small main branches of the "double short" apple tree spindles are most vulnerable. In order to reinvigorate and update, these backbone branches must be shrunk in time. In the shrinking and cutting, the main branch should be cut and cut more than the slanting "big cockroaches", and the permanent auxiliary cultivating branches should be more than squatting or drooping "Zhong" and "small scorpion". The cut should be small and leave protection. In the growth period and the next year's winter shear, a combination of the direction change and the short cut can be used to make it a new backbone branch. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
After shrinking the central branch of the fruit tree to form a crown, in order to illuminate the inside, the central leadership branch must be shrunk to "falling the head", which is especially important for the peach trees and Fuji apple trees. Pears and apples that are less sensitive to the pruning reaction are cut and left with a pair of twigs under the cut, and the angle is kept above 90 degrees, which prevents the top from falling. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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