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In the refurbishment of old houses, the removal of old tiles and mosaics on the walls and floors was time-consuming and time-consuming. For some older old houses, the structure of the walls may even be destroyed. The quick refurbished products on the market today, including tile surface treatment agents and ceramic tiles and mosaic adhesives, are widely used in the European market, and can directly paste new tiles and mosaics on the basis of not eradicating old tile base layers. This rapid refurbishment and paving method will not destroy the old house building base, reduce decoration costs and shorten the construction period, but also avoid the problems of garbage and noise in the renovation of old houses. Now let's take a look at the construction process of the tiles on the old tiles and hope to help you.

Construction process of tiling on old tiles

The basic flow: 1 surface cleaning → 2 interface treatment → 3 waterproof treatment → 4 bullet line → 5 tile tile → 6 caulking clean.

The specific construction process is as follows:

1, the old brick surface clean

Dust and dirt on the surface of old tiles are removed and cleaned.

2, smear interface agent

Use Can T22-700 to scrape or brush on the surface of old tiles.

(1) Material Configuration

According to the proportion of interface agent to configure, first the required fresh water into the mixing bucket, the interface agent powder slowly pour into the barrel, use the electric mixer to stir evenly no particles, no precipitate paste, standing 5-8 minutes and then stir, stir evenly to construct. The ratio of materials is 25kg powder: 8.5kg water (or 1kg powder: 0.34kg water)

(2) smear interface agent

Use a spatula or a brush to evenly spread the dope on the old base surface that needs to be treated, and allow it to dry before the subsequent construction. Brushing about 0.8kg/m2, batch scraping about 1.4-2.0kg/m2.

3, waterproof treatment

The use of high-K11-3000 brushing treatment on the interface layer has dried, at the same time on the mouth, Yin Yang angle and other vulnerable parts of the additional layer reinforced treatment. The waterproof coating is completely dry and ready for subsequent construction.

(1) Material Configuration

According to the proportion of water-proof coating, the additive is first added to the barrel, and then the powder is slowly poured into the liquid and fully stirred into a uniform, particle-free, paste-free paste. During the operation, intermittent stirring should be maintained to prevent sedimentation.

(2) Brushing waterproof coating

Use a brush or roller brush to apply the waterproof glue directly to the base surface. Do not miss the brush. The second layer should be painted after the first layer has completely dried (2-4 hours) and staggered with the previous layer. Brushing 2-3 layers is best. The coating thickness is 1.5-2.0mm.

(3) Node processing

Pipes, yin and yang angles, etc., where leakage is easy to strengthen, should be attached with a layer of non-woven fabric or fiber cloth, a two-coating treatment.

(4) Brushing range and height

(a) Toilet

The toilet floor is definitely required to be done. The wall should be at least 1.8 meters. It is recommended to make a full height. If the bathroom is a light wall, then it must be full. Hand-wash basins, mop pots, etc., which often splash on water, should extend outwards by 20-750px.

(b) Kitchen

The kitchen floor is also required to do all the work. The wall surface is usually back 20-750px. The waterproof area behind the vegetable sink is 1250px above the outlet and 20-750px on each side of the vegetable basin.

(c) Balcony

As for the balcony, the ground also needs to be done. The wall will return to a height of 20-30 cm according to the actual situation.

4. Elastic splitting and rowing bricks

According to the size of the map and the size of the wall surface horizontal row bricks to ensure uniform gaps in the surface bricks, in line with the requirements of the design drawings.

5, with tiles adhesive tiles

Using Tall T22-402 Tile Adhesive to Tile the Tiles

(1) Material Configuration

The tile adhesive powder is configured according to the ratio. First, the required fresh water is poured into the mixing barrel, the tile glue powder is slowly poured into the barrel, and the electric mixer is used to stir until the paste is uniform without particles or precipitates. Set it for 5-10 minutes and stir it again. Material ratio is 25kg powder: 6-6.5kg water.

(2) bonded tiles

Use a toothed spatula to evenly spread the dope on the work surface to make it evenly distributed. Use a suitable tooth spatula to comb the paste into uniform strips. The edge of the scraper teeth is at an angle of 60 degrees from the base surface. Every time scraping about 1-2 squares of the construction surface, the tiles are kneaded on the work surface, and a rubber hammer or a rubber spatula is used to tap the brick surface, so that the paste is firm and smooth, and the position of the brick can be adjusted within 2 hours of bonding. Select the appropriate cross particles placed in the brick seams to assist in fixing the position of the facing tiles and controlling the uniformity of the brick seams.

6, caulking and cleaning

After the patching is completed for 24 hours, caulking is performed with a caulking agent, and the brick surface is cleaned after the surface of the caulking agent is dry (or the surface is not sticky).


Before construction, the verticality and flatness of the substrate must be confirmed.

Only after 24 hours of paving can you step in or caulk.

This product is suitable for use in an environment of 5-40°C.

Do not mix dry glue with water.

Above about the construction process of the tiles on the old tiles is briefly introduced here, I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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