Interview with Ouhua Luo Haoxian: "Cracking" Survival under the Rapid Development of Printing Industry

Zhongshan Ouhua Color Printing & Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Fusha Industrial Park, close to Guangzhou Nansha Economic and Technological Development Zone, with an annual production scale of more than 100 million. In today's printing and packaging technology, the industry is developing rapidly, in addition to advanced technology. In addition to the stable product quality, how does Ouhua survive and develop in the crack?

Net: Can you tell us about it, how many people are there in the entire Ouhua team? Probably what part is divided?

Luo Haoxian: Ouhua is a relatively standard enterprise, with a number of about 300 people. There are also departments in the enterprise. Administration, planning, personnel... The entire non-production department accounts for about 40%.

Net: What stage do you think can be divided according to your current life experience? What is the psychological change at each stage?

Luo Haoxian: Because I have more time in the geran group, I am also fortunate that I have contacted many fields, such as sales. In the group, I also involved market work and legal proceedings, and even anti-counterfeiting. Contact, and later transferred to all aspects of production management and foreign trade, I feel that my (life experience) is also very rich... As for this mentality, the change is not really big, because after all, it is also serving the group, so the psychological change is still It is relatively calm.

Net: With so many industries involved, what kind of position does Luo think he is more inclined to?

Luo Haoxian: Actually, all positions are good, because their expertise is not very obvious. When it comes to sales, because they have been working for a long time, and in production management, they have been waiting for eight or nine years. More, you said that if you are particularly focused, it doesn't count. In general, you may feel that you are more focused on the manager and explore the masters of each team to manage a team.

Net: We all said that the development of the company is inseparable from change. In 1999, Ouhua changed from a collectively owned enterprise to a private joint-stock enterprise. In 2006, it was renamed from Zhongshan Xiaolan Printing Co., Ltd. as Zhongshan Ouhua Color Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. The company, can share with you, what is the meaning of each change in each of these changes?

Luo Haoxian: Actually, it used to be a stroller. In the past, foreign customers took products and developed them. Later, we helped them design some products, increased the initiative of a company, and gradually strengthened. As for the opportunity, in fact, it should be regarded as the financial strength of the daisy group, because every enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger, and it is also a choice based on local considerations and equipment investment. The opportunity is actually the embodiment of the group's strength.

Net: As far as I know, the development of the printing and packaging industry in the whole region is still relatively rapid. In such a large environment, what efforts are being made in the development of the company?

Luo Haoxian: Yes, the environment of the printing and packaging industry is particularly severe this year. (In this environment, what I just mentioned is that the first is to increase the investment in equipment, so that the efficiency is accelerated and the cost is reduced. The second is for management, the first The link is quality, the quality of the product must be tenable, and the second is the service. The (Ouhua) team helps the guests to do the work on the pre-development. As long as the two links are basically invincible. Because in the Chinese printing industry, it is not a high-end industry. The threshold for people who want to cut into this line does not need to be high, but it is not so easy to grasp quality and service. Then you The mechanical equipment must be constantly improved, and the mechanical automation should be done. So no matter how cruel the environment is, you can get a piece of it.

Because customers also value the strength of the company, Helvar has professional staff to follow up in every service, and many companies are difficult to do in this piece. There are also many industry certifications for the printing industry. Many companies have no way to get this, which is considered to be a more favorable weapon for Ouhua.

Net: About ten years ago, the country began to introduce the human resources industry. Luo has been in the industry for so many years. In your opinion, what is the significance of the human resources department? What role does it play in the enterprise?

Luo Haoxian: In this respect, I may be considered a relatively rough role. In my understanding, I may still train and learn about the management, personnel recruitment, and then build a good corporate culture so that employees can In terms of strengths.

Net: It is said that the development of the company is inseparable from the development and management of personnel. According to the model, it is the management of the human resources of the company. At this stage, what kind of stage is the human resources of Ouhua?

Luo Haoxian: Now the entire team of Ouhua is also relatively stable, and the atmosphere of learning is relatively strong. We will also hire some external tutors to teach, and then let the personnel at all levels share their experiences.

Net: For a company, it is important to have a corporate culture that can be accepted by employees. A successful company must have a successful corporate culture. Can you introduce the corporate culture that belongs to Ouhua?

Luo Haoxian: I think that corporate culture may still stay in the management's individual behavior, thus forming a style that allows employees to recognize themselves. For Ouhua's corporate culture, it should be a family atmosphere, between colleagues and colleagues. A share, the integrity of the employee's personal behavior, and Ouhua will have a birthday party for employees every month, I will also attend, we hope that employees feel that the company is a big family, everyone is part of it.

Net: It is said that the enterprise is a big family, the boss is the parent, the employee is the child, and the management of the enterprise not only cares about the general direction of the development of the enterprise, but also cares about the bits and pieces of the employees. The development of the employees is a More worthy of attention, employees are not simply recruited, and the development of employees should be the concern of the parental management. So, what kind of preparations does Ouhua have in this regard? (The training of new employees and the promotion of old employees)

Luo Haoxian: For new employees, we will have a training first, then adjust a suitable position, and it is also important for new employees to feel the company's atmosphere first, such as the welcoming ceremony and management communication. As for the improvement of the old staff, I personally feel that the recruitment is very important. The arrangement of the previous positions is stabilized, and then the internal promotion is carried out because Ouhua is a company that pays great attention to internal promotion, even for a new position. We will also start from the internal selection rather than the first recruitment. We also want to have a promotion of the grassroots employees to form a stable team, and many employees who are promoted from the grassroots have even chosen to take root here.

Net: In the recruitment and selection of the Ouhua team, did Ouhua set up any “roadblocks”?

Luo Haoxian: These still depend on the type of work, and may pay more attention to skills diversification. For example, a manual work, we will also pay attention to other aspects of his skills. If he finds that he may have potential in another field, We will also encourage him to touch the field in his spare time. Let a general worker also promote to specialization.

Net: What is the future direction of Ouhua?

Luo Haoxian: Because Ouhua is always a traditional processing industry, I hope that it can evolve to the high-end, take the direction of foreign trade, now we have begun to contact Amazon, Disney, ... slowly reduce some small domestic orders, focus on high Requirements, and large orders to enter the army, also hope to achieve equipment and manpower optimization. Because of the improvement of the company, at the same time, we are more strict about the service awareness and quality of the employees. Even if the guests are unreasonable at times, we must also instill the sense of service in the minds of the employees. We also arrange one night for the employees. Conducting courses, crafts, and even exchanges of experience; morning exercise for employees in a group run, using this militarized management hope can also bring about the cohesiveness of employees.

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