Decoration paint to add color to your home

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Different paints, decorating the home into a colorful space

The core reminds that the home decoration atmosphere is good, and the mood of returning home is also good. The wall that occupies a large part of the home decoration, the design of the color of the cold and warm color, whether it is properly matched with the furniture, etc., affects the living mood of the occupants at the moment, and at the same time, whether the paint used for the wall surface is environmentally friendly and the quality is high quality, etc. Invisible affects the health of the occupants. To add color to our home, in this issue we will take you from the selection of paints for wall decoration, and decorate your home with a colorful space through visits to industry professionals.

Purchase by judging odor, paint film, etc.

According to industry professionals in the decoration industry, in general household decoration, the expenditure of indoor paint only accounts for about 5% of the entire renovation cost, but it accounts for 80% of the entire decoration area. 100% determines the overall decoration effect and the living room environment, and even directly Affecting the health of family members, as the late stage of home improvement, the choice of interior coatings is also particularly important.

In fact, in the process of home decoration, every consumer may encounter the problem of purchasing wall coatings. If the consumers themselves are still a newcomer to the decoration, they face a wide variety of coatings on the market, regardless of the variety of decorative features. The effect is still the main push-proof, durable, or proved to be green health materials, dealers often shout out countless gimmicks, bringing a lot of trouble to consumers' purchases. For this reason, it is essential to prepare for the preparation of the paint before purchasing it.

First of all, when purchasing paint, you must first determine the size of your home, and then let the paint company or decoration company calculate the required amount of paint. “Generally speaking, if it is all outsourced to the decoration company, this work is the responsibility of them; if it is only half-packaged to the decoration company, this work can be used to calculate the storefront for selling paint.” A decoration company professional in Putian City said.

After that, according to the requirements of the decoration style, determine the color of the paint, when you buy, you can know what you know. When you actually go to the store to start the purchase, you should first check the relevant test reports of the product, such as China Environmental Protection Product Certification and China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. In addition, a good brand paint store will be placed in the wall paint sample, when buying wall paint, you should first observe the transparency and gloss of the sample, visually judge the quality of the paint.

Finally, the quality of the paint can be judged by its knowledge of the odor of the paint. Generally speaking, the environmentally-friendly wall paint has a light and pure scent and does not have a pungent odor like the inferior paint. In the process of purchasing the wall paint, you can ask to open the lid of the paint can, smell the sample paint, and judge the scent of the smell. At the same time, you can also touch the paint film by hand. The good wall surface paint content is high, the hand feels smooth and smooth, and the inferior paint has low solid content. Even if it is painted many times, it still feels that the paint film is brittle and the paint containing impurities is still There will be a noticeable graininess; in addition, you can use a hard toothpick or nail to draw a paint film. Good wall paint has high hardness, good scratch resistance and is not easy to scratch, while wall paint with low hardness will have obvious fine scratches, which will affect the appearance of the wall.

Color matching according to the purpose of the room, orientation with different colors

When selecting a coating, one of the most important points is the color of the coating. Different spaces can be matched by different colors to show the overall living atmosphere. According to the professionals in the decoration industry, in general, the color of the bedroom is preferably warmer and softer. The living room should be bright and lively. The study should be elegant, solemn and harmonious, and the dining room should be warm. .

In addition, different paint colors can be selected depending on the orientation of the room. The east facing room darkens the room earlier due to the early departure of the sun. It is more suitable to use warmer colors. The south facing room has the longest sunshine time. The use of cool colors often makes people feel more comfortable, and the effect of the room is more charming. The room can be more comfortable with the deepest cold color due to the strongest sunset in the day. The north facing room has no direct sunlight, so it should be warm and color when selecting colors. Be shallow.

Indoor temperature and humidity should be adjusted during maintenance and summer

From the perspective of the renovation budget, the wall painting is economical, clean and simple, and is the primary choice for home wall decoration. Relatively speaking, painted walls are more susceptible to damage and are easier to repair. Industry professionals recommend cleaning in the summer and erasing if the wall is dirty. For the water-resistant wall surface, use a cloth to scrub. After washing, dry it with a dry towel. For non-water-resistant walls, use an eraser such as a rubber or wipe it with a towel and wring it out.

It is damp and rainy in summer, and the wall near the bathroom and kitchen is prone to mildew, which affects the beauty of the wall. When you encounter a mildew on the wall, you can use a bleached water for the white wall. A professional wall mold remover is recommended for the colored paint.

If there is a crack in the painted wall, directly shovel the cracked part and repair it with the same color of paint. After repairing, sand the old and new paint joints to smooth the joint position. Common wall cracks are generally caused by sudden changes in climate. Therefore, in the hot and rainy weather in summer, the temperature and humidity of the room should be adjusted through the switch of doors and windows, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc., to avoid the wall surface changing due to climate. Causes rapid thermal expansion and contraction, causing cracks.

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