A revolutionary breakthrough in quantum computers! Quantum gate superposition state is realized for the first time

Austrian physicists have successfully stacked two logic gates in the laboratory to construct a new quantum computer model that can perform quantum computing tasks more efficiently than standard quantum computers. New research is expected to establish a theoretical basis for new quantum computing and design quantum computers with faster calculations.

Although there are still many unsolved mysteries in quantum mechanics theory, many quantum phenomena have been validated and applied in many fields: from ultra-secure communication to finding security vulnerabilities in existing communications, from simulating complex quantum systems to large equations. Look for answers, and more. The most exciting technology in these applications is the quantum computer.

Quantum logic gates are the basic unit of quantum computers, and it is difficult to construct enough quantum gates to implement quantum computation. In traditional quantum computing, quantum logic gates are arranged in a specific order, that is, one logic gate can only be in front of another logic gate.

New research has achieved the superposition of quantum logic gates, which can interact in multiple sequences simultaneously, which will greatly reduce the number of quantum logic gates in some quantum computations.

The team of physicists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Vienna, led by Philip Watt, designed an experiment in which two logic gates were applied to a single-photon circuit. It was found that the two logic gates were not quantum in the same order as you did before. The operation is performed in two sequences at the same time, that is, the logic gate A functions before the logic gate B and the logic gate B precedes the logic gate A.

If more logic gates are added, more logical sequence superposition states will be formed at the same time, which is faster and more efficient than previous quantum calculations.

This is the first time scientists have realized the superposition of quantum gates in the laboratory, and it has also proved a new and more efficient way of quantum computing.

The latest research, to be published in Nature News, opens the door to creating new quantum computers in the future.

The study found that not only quantum states can be superimposed, but also quantum gates can be superimposed. The University of Vienna's Watt successfully achieved the superposition of two quantum gates A and B. The resulting disordered quantum computer is more efficient than a single-sequence quantum computer.

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