The small apartment interior decoration teaches you to build a functional and beautiful home

With the progress of the times, housing prices in first-tier cities have become higher and higher, so many young people have chosen to purchase 40-plus square meters of small units. However, if you want to make your house more beautiful, you have to master some decoration tips. Here we take a look at the small apartment interior decoration coup it!

Small size interior decoration of the small coup 1. Small space to follow the "light decoration" principle

Too much styling in a room with little space will make these little places appear more hurried. However, if it is a "dramatic" renovation of the house, then the cost of renovation will be much higher. Therefore, the most common small-sized house decoration technique is "light decoration." In fact, the “light decoration” in our mouth refers to the importance of the practicality and furniture configuration of the home space under the premise of limited economic budget. Such a small apartment reduces the bulky decoration and frees up space.

Small size interior decoration of the small coup 2. "Group zero for the whole" to create a simple unified effect

In fact, in addition to considering the style and function, it is also necessary to consider the relationship between the whole and the local. Therefore, during the renovation, we can follow the principle of "grouping zero" to create simple and unified results, so as to enhance the overall effect of space. For example, do not do too much modeling, do not design too much indoors, too complicated colors, it is best to use light colors and so on.

Small size interior decoration of the small coup 3. Use of space should be reasonable degree

Because of the limitations of space, it is imperative to use space smartly and rationally when decorating small units. Neither can the space be overfilled, nor can the limited space be wasted. If conditions permit, we can design partitions on the wall for debris or books and other debris. This design is not only fashionable but also uses limited space.

Small size interior decoration of the small coup 4. Small space to pay attention to the design of multi-functional

When designing a house, the owners can do some multi-functional design according to local conditions. For example, the shoe can be designed in the entrance position, which not only can save some space, but also can increase the interior appearance.

Editor's summary: The above describes the small coup for small-sized interior decoration , hoping to give some help to friends who have needs in this area. In fact, before decorating a small apartment, the owners must look for an outstanding designer, because a good designer will give you a perfect decoration plan!

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