Stones from other hills: Looking at today's fire-fighting reforms from the factions of the Three Kingdoms and domestic factions

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The Chinese and the Three Kingdoms have always appeared in a positive image in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. For example, the brothers of the Liu Guanzhang and Yi Baiyun, Zhao Zilong’s bravery and bravery, as well as the heroic and courageous leadership of Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei under the leadership of the Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei, are committed to the Northern Expedition. A scene of awesome stories. However, there are rivers and lakes where people are called, and there are no exceptions within the Suihan regime. In the same period as Wei and Wu and the Chinese dynasties, the interior of the Han Dynasty is full of infighting, fighting and fighting.

There are numerous characters in the Shu Han, and the disputes are complicated. Affected by geographical and cultural factors, many of these families are only brilliant between the two or three generations, and they rarely form the handed-out families such as Central Plains and Jiangdong. The classification of these characters and families according to their origins and origins can be broadly classified as Northern School, Jingzhou School, Dongzhou School, and Yizhou School. The cooperation and struggle between these four factions throughout the Sui and Han dynasties have become the incentive behind many major events. This is the best perspective for us to observe Sui and Han politics.

Mingge Comments: Grassroots House, if you do not join the deep cultural accumulation as soon as possible after gaining momentum, to cultivate children, but the rich three generations is the curse. The grassroots brothers in the fire-fighting force, please spare time to cultivate their own children and train their children to be different from their own and stronger than their own. Only in this way can the children get rid of ourselves now. Second, white and black work life.

Liu Bei started his career in Shuojun County (now near Zhuozhou, Hebei Province), then he started in Youzhou (today in Beijing Mentougou to Tianjin), worked as a county commander in Zhangzhou (today in Zhangzhou, Hebei Province), and worked as a state in Xuzhou (today's Xuzhou). Animal husbandry. These places are rich in ancient products, and are therefore places where there are a lot of talents. Plus Liu Bei treats people generously and has a very high personal charisma. In addition, they frequently spread their royal status, and they also own the imperial family. A large number of high-quality talents. Even the children of the great family of the Central Plains, such as Chen Qun (Chen Chuan Chen), Yuan Yu (Chen Jun Yuan Shi), and Chen Deng (Shang Xia Chen Shi), were also promoted or appointed by Liu Bei.

However, starting from the beginning of the county, Liu Bei ran with his partners and evacuated more than half of China and replaced several backers. This experience of displaced people led to a particularly serious loss of talent in the Liu Bei Group. Therefore, in Liu Bei's early ranks, only those families who could not leave the team were involved and they could throw their family members to accompany him.

Mingge Review: People who started out on the grassroots must be both talented and talented, and they must have extraordinary appeal to start. At the same time, inevitably people are used everywhere as pawns, often changing backers, so the children of the rich family follow less, and the Hanmenzi are more loyal than themselves. They must gather more and more cold grass and grass roots before they can have the advantage of talents and achieve hegemony.

Among the cold-sisters, the most typical are the mafia: Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun. In the Wenchen system, Jianfan, Sun Qian, and Yan are engaged in Zhonglang. Jian Xi and Liu Bei, together with Liu Bei, Sun Gan and Yi are all following Liu Bei from Xuzhou. This trio does not seem to be good at strategy. The role of the Liu Bei Group is mainly to run errands and engage in diplomacy. For example, if Liu Bei wants to join Yuan Shaoshun or wants to defect to Liu, he will send them to lobby.

Mingge Review: At the beginning, there must be an iron buddy, not necessarily a high level, and it is important to have coordination skills.

However, it is very important for Liu Bei. He is a member of the Yixian County, Donghai County. He was born into a family of big businessmen, with tens of thousands of domestic servants and hundreds of millions of households. However, the Han dynasty relied heavily on commerce and the merchants had a lower social status. They were often stigmatized as "Jia vertical." At the end of the Han dynasty, it was necessary to use money to fight crickets. Local warlords had no choice but to appeal to wealthy businessmen. So he was promoted by Xuzhou Mu Taoqian, and he was hired by the business to do business. After Tao Qian’s death, he was welcomed by Liu Bei to Xuzhou.

Not long after Liu Bei took over Xuzhou, he was attacked by Yuan Shu because he was attacked by Luibu. When he was transferred to the Hercynian Sea, he was already embarrassed and hungry. At this time, he sent charcoal in the snow, asked for money, asked people to save Liu Bei in times of crisis. This is not enough. Even her sister is married to Liu Bei. Liu Bei’s sister-in-law was his wife. This made him taste the sweetness of marriage with the Han nationality. The Yao family had a close relationship with Liu Bei. Of course, they had to go with Liu Bei. Even though Cao Cao once conferred a grant on the county officials and awarded his brother Yu Fang Fang Pengcheng, he tried to win over the big financial family, but the Zhen brothers were left untouched. The official left town and followed Liu Beinan to Jingzhou.

Mingge Review: Now, when the leader is married to a big company, he engages in collusion between the government and the business. However, when he is just working, spending his wealth as a wife of a wealthy family is also conducive to the great achievements in the future.

Of all the kindnesses of the northern factions, Liu Bei certainly will not forget. After Liu Bei took advantage of Yizhou, he was allotted them the rank of military commander: General Yi An Han, the ranks were even higher than Zhuge Liang, the general of the military division; Sun Qianwei was General Piaozhong, and Jian Yan was Zhao De, and his status was second only to Yao.

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei's treatment is naturally not to mention. Liu Bei conceived the Queen of Hanzhong, taking Guan Yu as the former general and Zhang Fei as the right general. When Liu Bei became emperor, Zhang Feisheng was the General Rider and concurrently served as the Secretary of the Liberal School. He was responsible for the military and supervision of the Beijing Municipality and was highly qualified.

Guan Yu was later defeated, of course, because of Sun Quan’s attack on the alliance, but it was also related to the internal discord of the Northern factions. At that time, Liu Bei used Guan Yu as the defender of Shuyang, and he oversaw the Jingzhou military. At the same time, he used Yu Fang as the Southern County guard. Liu Bei conferred the two most important places in Jingzhou on these two people. He hoped that they would cooperate with each other before and after. However, Guan Yu’s relationship with Yu Fang is not good, because Yu Fang’s indispensable supply of military resources has greatly repelled him. Although Yu Fang is only slightly flat, but after all, is Liu Bei's brother-in-law, and is Guan Yubei attacking Fancheng when the rear manager. Guan Yu is not so sentimental, emotional intelligence is indeed worrying. Later, when Lv Meng attacked Nangun at night, Mou Fang rebelled, and Southern County lost, leading to a series of political catastrophes. After Yu Fang's mutiny, he petitioned Liu Bei for guilt. Liu Bei did not apologize to him but he was still depressed and died of illness.

Mingge Review: It's hard to be a brother and brother, and it's easy to judge! And there is Guan Yu Guan Daguan. If you pay attention to uniting comrades, you will not be able to look like your comrades, nor will you carelessly miss Jingzhou, causing a series of failures in your country!

Northern factions arrived in the era of Liu Chan and died. The rest of the people were Chen Wei and Feng Yongan, who were led by Li Yan and were responsible for Wu’s defense. Then again, Zhao Yun, who had long been responsible for the guarding of Liu Bei's family, had been crushed by Liu Bei, and had been stranded on the position of General Zhai Jun for eight years. His experience of Liu Bei, namely Hanzhong Wang and the Emperor, was not promoted. It was not until Liu Chan was ascended to the throne that the old man would fall, and Zhao Yun, who rarely led independent troops, was given the general of Zhendong and pushed forward to the front line of Hanzhong. Zhuge Liang's first Northern Expedition did not rely on Zhao Yun as the main force. Instead, he and Deng Zhi were used as partial teachers to contain Cao Zhen in Silicon Valley. After the defeat of the street pavilion, Zhao Yun also lost his favor to the Silicon Valley and was relegated to the general of the army. He died the following year.

Mingge Review: Zhao Yun is a hero admired by Ming Ge. However, because he ran into the boss, he was indecisive, and he could not continue to practice in important positions. It can be seen that in the system, how serious is the consequences of the top leader!

The last northern school sent by the Suihan was the Liu nationality of Lu, who was temporarily employed by Liuzhou in Yuzhou. Liu Ye is a person who can only boast about this. Actually, there is no real responsibility for ruling the country. Liu Bei favors him mainly because he is surnamed Liu and he is his own family. This is actually very sad, among the three male Cao Liusun, only Liu Bei is a business venture in other places, his hometown is not under his own control. Chinese culture pays special attention to geopolitical bonds. Both Cao Cao and Sun Quan have brothers, tribesmen, and fellow initiates. It is difficult for someone to pull one, and they can be home-grown once they are developed. However, when Liu Bei was founded in Pakistan, he was far away from his native land and had no family and relatives in the country. Therefore, Liu Wei, even if he did not have the ability, look at the surname Liu's share, but also took advantage of early, Liu Bei will also favor him more. By the time of Liu Chan, Liu Yan was second only to Li Yan in terms of shift rankings. He sat in the third place in the Suihan and Han ministers, and the official office sealed Zhang Fei’s general, but he did not participate in the power of state administration. His daily work is to lead more than a thousand names and go to chat with Zhuge Liang. With seniority, Liu Xi's personal life is very luxurious. Later, because of conflicts with Wei Yan, he was sent back to Chengdu by Zhuge Liang. In the 12th year of Han Jianxing ( 234 ), Liu Yu was executed for sin.

Mingge Review: Dazhidayu, Zhiyong Liu Bei still has the concept of privacy, and we are not talking about our department leaders today. Therefore, with the leadership of their relatives, they can survive in the cracks.

At this point, the officials who came to the south with Liu Bei from secluded, prosperous, Xu, and Yuzhou states in the north have basically disappeared from the Han political arena. In the middle and late Han and Han periods, the second and third generations of Northern factions successively joined the DPRK as officials, but most of them were Tae Yam's father. They did not appear to be as famous as Wei Guozhi's Chen Tai, Zhong Hui, and Wu Guozhi's Lu Kang and Shi Ji. Comparable parents.

Well, write it here today. Let's talk about it again!

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