Hong Kong Fire Protection: Heroes of the Sea of ​​Fire Don't Fuck

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April 20, Hongkong Post announced the launch of a set of "150 anniversary of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department" as the theme of the commemorative stamps. Red and white traditional fire extinguishing "big-stairs vehicles" priced at HK $ 2 , the mighty domineering "active pump truck" priced at 3.7 Hong Kong dollars, over the years the firefighters and ambulance personnel sideways like a small sheet price of 10 Hong Kong dollars ... ... stamp printed in and in Circulation in the market, this is the first time for the Fire Services Department.

The words “relieve disasters and help the people and relieve people of difficulties” consist of eight characters. They are divided on both sides of the stamp sheetlet, highlighting the enthusiasm and commitment of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department to safeguard the lives and property of the citizens. This adventurous team has won praises. What are their masterpiece skills?

Professional team, first-class equipment

Liu Zhipeng, a professor of history at the Lingnan University in Hong Kong, has studied the history of Hong Kong and South China for many years. He has compiled a book entitled "The History of the Development of Hong Kong Fire Services Department" for the Fire Services Department. He explained to reporters that at the beginning of the opening of Hong Kong, no fire brigade was set up. In the event of a fire, most of them relied on the voluntary groups formed by the military and the public to extinguish the fire.

“The most amazing fire was in 1866 , across the street from a hotel on the Queen’s Road West.” For example, Liu Zhipeng looked through historical materials. Because of the severe water shortage, the fire spread violently. In order to avoid causing more serious explosions and fires, the engineers used explosives to blow up the houses near the wood yard and the coal bunker, “so that the fire path was cut off.”

“You don’t look at the current firefighters who are professional full-time staff. In the past they could all have to be 'somewhat' too!” Liu Zhipeng said with a smile that all the early fire stations were attached to the police station, and the bureau chief, fire chief, etc. They are mainly police officers. "After the fire bells rang, they immediately put on fire gel coats and went out for fire."

Firefighters and ambulancemen are very much concerned with physical fitness and training is very difficult. It was not until the 1990s that the first women’s generals appeared in the fire and rescue teams. At present, there are more than 10 female fire chiefs in the Hong Kong Fire Services Department .

Senior Fire Chief Zhou Xinjie told reporters that the latest "Gold Warrior" proudly stated that this set of fire protection protective clothing worth about HK$ 7,000 consists of three layers of materials. The outer layer is resistant to fire and the lining is waterproof and can effectively withstand the flame of 1000 degrees Celsius . Burning for 8 seconds, "a few seconds sounds very short, but life and death are often determined by it (protective clothing)." When the firefighters deal with mountain fires, hazardous substances, etc., they can also remove heavy “stamp jackets” to reduce heat stress.

In addition to fireproof clothing, MSA self-contained breathing apparatus with high fire resistance , reinforced fiber helmets and goggles that can withstand higher temperatures and impact forces are also the “standards” for front-line fire fighters. Talking about this professional equipment, Zhou Xinjie laughed heartily. “The materials are advanced, the protection is comprehensive, and the most important thing is really 'type'!”

Save the Fire, Treat Yourselves

“The overall situation is the most important, and the world is really a hero. By relying on both hands, regardless of all bravery, the selfless sacrifice can irrigate the world and see the ash be late or early bloom...”

In June 2016 , the No. 4 mini-warehouse at Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong was eventually extinguished after 108 hours of burning . A total of more than 200 fire fighters and about 45 fire engines and ambulances were on hand to participate in the rescue work. A few days later, the “true hero”, which was re-written by the song, was widely sung in the streets, cherishing the memory of the two Hong Kong firefighters who had lost their lives in the accident and paid tribute to all the heroes of the flames.

An old firefighter who fought on the front line of the fire for a few days said: “Everyone has the ambition to extinguish fires and every colleague on the battlefield is trying to save more lives with his own life, without retreat. ."

It is necessary to extinguish the fire and save others. The latest report of the Director of Fire Review Li-day show, where in 2017 received a total of 33,934 fire calls, providing 40,298 times the advance emergency services, the public were assisted 37,000 people.

An accident which occurred in August 26, 2017 night. The super typhoon “Paka” struck Hong Kong that night. Two mainland tourists took a rainy hike to the dangerous Fei Ngo Mountain, where they were trapped due to losing their way and falling into a cliff. After receiving the report, the Fire Services Department dispatched 160 firefighters to search and rescue overnight. After 24 hours, they finally saved the two to a safe area.

“It was raining heavily on the evening of the incident. The flash floods came in like a waterfall. The firefighters always accompanied us and gave us scarce warm clothing, electrolytic drinks, raincoats and food. They used it for themselves... in such a harsh environment. They themselves are very tired, but they still remain calm, calm, meticulous, and patient.

As a token of appreciation, the rescued tourists wrote a long letter of sincerity and hope to find the benefactor who saved him in distress. The firefighter’s response was even more warm-hearted. “We promised to have us there and we will certainly rescue you.” Although it was not easy, we managed to complete the mission successfully... We never felt like a hero, but we were honored to be able to follow suit. A group of heroes work side by side and influence people around them with their actions and attitudes."

"We will never leave anyone who is in danger. This is a duty. It is a belief," said Zhou Xinjie frankly.

According to the current system of rotation, firefighters can stay for two days off after 24 hours. It sounds like the job is high pay and benefits are good, but the truth is far easier than you think. How can I spend 24 hours in a row ?

Nie Yuanfeng, chairman of the Fire Services Department's staff association, told reporters that in addition to routine training, there are still a lot of matters that need to be dealt with by firefighters on duty. For example, multiple inspections of equipment to ensure that all tools work effectively, "even small mistakes may put themselves or team members in danger, so it must be repeated and carefully tested."

In addition, fire fighters will take time every day to go out and inspect wells, building passages, etc.; there will be lecture time in the evening, where experienced seniors will share experiences or explain new department regulations. After 22:45, firefighters can be used for proper rest, but not asleep, if the received command center assigned work still needs to be within one minute out of the bus to the rescue scene.

Fire safety, comprehensive inspection

At the beginning of 2018 , the Fire Services Department produced a new series of fire safety advertisements, which were displayed on bus bodies in various districts in Hong Kong. The living room on the photo is full of debris, narrow passages, and many disasters. The top is conspicuously marked with "?" The citizens sounded the alarm.

“We are keen to strengthen the work of issuing licenses, law enforcement, fire prevention, and fire safety, so as to prevent problems before they occur.” Li Jianri scrutinized data for reporters, saying that the Fire Services Department conducted a total of 399,000 fire inspections in 2017 , averaging Nearly 1100 times a day , an increase of 7% over the previous year . The scope of inspections included the building’s fire service installations and equipment, escape routes, ventilation systems, storage of dangerous goods and licensed premises, etc. A total of more than 10,000 fire alarm notifications were issued. At the same time, in response to the 2016 mini-warehouse fire incident, the Fire Services Department is in the process of drafting a new law to comprehensively inspect the fire-fighting installations, refractory structures and rescue passages of old industrial buildings.

Since 1997 , the Fire Services Department of Hong Kong has also launched the "Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme". It aims to train volunteers from different sectors of society to become ambassadors and raise public awareness of fire safety. According to the latest statistics, more than 140,000 citizens have participated in the training and completed the course.

“To go to the community, approach the neighborhood, and enter the school, our purpose is to let more people know how to escape!” Zhou Xinjie said sincerely, behind the relief efforts, the fire department’s first priority is to teach the public how to avoid disasters.

This article is reproduced from the People's Daily.

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