Renovation of the old house in the countryside Tips for remodeling an old house

Nowadays, due to the growing environmental protection concept of people, many people have chosen to live in rural areas. However, the transformation of old houses in rural areas has become a problem that has caused owners to rush. So, what should we pay attention to when we remodel old houses? Here we will take a look at the renovation of the rural old house decoration tips it!

First, what are the tips for the renovation and decoration of old rural houses?

1. Renovation of the wall surface

The rural house must do a basic treatment before renovating the wall surface. For example, it is best to remove the original wall surface, and then brush the emulsion paint through the grassroots or re-finding methods, because it can ensure that the wall surface is firm enough. However, many owners hope to save some renovation costs when they are renovating their old houses. Therefore, they only deal with local issues, but after a certain period of time, there will be a series of problems that will eventually outweigh the benefits.

2. Transform the doors and windows

What are the tips for renovating rural old houses? In fact, the most common problem in rural old houses is the aging of windows and doors. Of course, if the material of the doors and windows is very strong, and you have a special liking for this style, you can paint again. However, if there are some safety problems in the doors and windows, you must remove the redo, otherwise there will be a series of security accidents!

3. Repair water circuit

Because the old houses in rural areas are used for a long time, there are usually some aging problems. The water circuit is where the owners need to pay close attention. For example, we should check whether the existing water circuit has problems such as aging and corrosion. If you find such a problem, you must replace it in time.

Second, what should you pay attention to when reconstructing an old house?

1. "Hidden Project" Opened

Nowadays most home improvement projects have some quality problems. In fact, most of the problems are caused by improper construction of “hidden projects”. Therefore, when the owners are renovating second-hand housing, they must reform these "hidden projects", otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

Second-hand housing to do water side leakage test

In the renovation of the toilets and kitchens for second-hand housing, a 24-hour to 48-hour water-saving side leakage test should be performed because it can check the quality of the original waterproofing project. If there is no water leakage, it shows that its waterproofing works well. However, if water leakage occurs, waterproof treatment must be performed again.

Editor's summary: The above has given everyone a brief introduction to the renovation and decoration of old houses in rural areas and the related knowledge on what to look for when renovating old houses. I hope that I can give you some help. For more information on how to transform a small rural house, you can always follow our website!

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