DIY home decoration popular fresh wind

With the arrival of autumn, the home decoration has also created a fresh air. Many consumers even come to make natural-style accessories by themselves. For example, if you collect some beautiful and individual starfish, shells or pebbles after traveling by the sea, or make beautiful flowers in your home into dried flowers, find a glass bottle or Round glass pots, put them in and out.

The longing for the urbanites who are integrated into nature, with the rising temperatures and the luxuriant trees and flowers, has inspired people's love for nature, and has also made the natural-style home accessories on the market popular for a while. Home decorations woven from plants such as vines and grasses, as well as some crafts made from coconut shells, have become a favorite item for consumers.

DIY furniture

Although these little things are not gorgeous, they are very individual. It’s also a cool solace in the afternoon when it’s dry in the fall. Nowadays, many friends have more or less personalized wrought iron and grass accessories at home.

Wooden vases, carvings, pendants... A variety of wooden furniture accessories are available in a variety of styles. “The wooden art jewelry has its own randomness and can be placed in any corner of the living room.” The owner of the store, Mr. Wang said, and the wooden jewelry can give people a feeling of being close to nature. "There are also one or two hundred dollars, and there are also thousands of dollars. The production process and the difference in materials, the price of each wooden jewelry is also different."

DIY vase

However, although these home accessories are not lacking in fashion and personality factors, not all homes are suitable, especially those with strong personality, only in line with the overall home decoration style, will play a brilliant effect. Iron, wood, grass and other personalized home accessories.

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