Bedroom feng shui taboo in the bedroom furniture

Wedding room decoration, bedroom is the highlight. The benefits of autumn and winter decoration are also many: due to the dry climate, wooden decoration materials are not easy to return to the tide, paint and paint are also easy to dry. However, when decorating, you should also pay attention to feng shui. The bedroom is the most intimate space for husband and wife to live together, and it is here. Almost one-third of our time is spent in the bedroom, so the feng shui of the bedroom directly affects the health of the body and the perfection of marriage. Then what are the taboos for the wedding room in the bedroom furniture?

Bedroom Furniture

First, the placement of the wedding bed

The bed is a place for new people to rest. The bed should not be empty. It is best to rely on the wall. Because if the bed is left blank, there will be a lack of security and a feeling of discomfort. However, the bed should not be close to the window. It is easy to cause colds and strokes when blown by the cool breeze. If the bed is not against the wall, it must have a headboard so that the head does not hang. And the back of the bed cannot be a kitchen or a bathroom. The best choice for bed is north-south orientation, and the geomagnetic attraction. If the head is facing west, the blood often goes straight to the top of the head and sleeps less stable; if the head sleeps east, there will be a feeling of tranquility. And it should be noted that the bed can not be placed against the bedroom door, so there will be no privacy and security.

Second, the placement of the wardrobe

In the bedroom, the placement of the closet is also important. Some newcomers are accustomed to stacking all the wardrobes and suitcases in the master bedroom, which is not easy to cause inconvenience. In general, it is unwise to put a wardrobe and a suitcase in the master bedroom to affect the living. In order to make effective use of the space, it is necessary to arrange the wardrobe, the dressing table, etc. in a row as much as possible.

Marriage room

Third, the placement of the mirror

The mirror of the bedroom can't be placed against the bed, because when people are half-awake, getting up in the middle of the night is easily scared by themselves in the mirror, which is easy to cause mental discomfort and lead to dizziness. Moreover, when people fall asleep, the gas energy is the weakest, and the mirror is an object with strong reflection, which is easy to reflect human energy. In the wind and water, the mirror is used to take care of it, and it reflects the bad gas that comes straight.

Fourth, do not cooperate with the window sill bed

In order to expand the bedroom space as much as possible, some newcomers will use the window sill to make a bed. Although this method can make full use of the area of ​​the window sill, it also brings great security risks. Especially in children's rooms, the bed must not be too close to the window sill. The grief of the casualties caused by children climbing windows without a window is not uncommon. The best place to sleep in a children's room is near the corner. And the windows inside the house should not be too low or too high, as long as the indoor air circulation is reasonable.

Marriage room

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