Yuba good warm lighting or warm wind must be seen before the selection

Now almost every bathroom will install Yuba, of course, the main role of Yuba is to maintain enough bathroom temperature in our shower, but Yuba in the way to increase the bathroom temperature is not the same, and some think that Yuba warmer is better, Some think that Yuba is warmer and warmer, so does Yuba warm or warm? Well, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.

Yuba good warm or warm wind

1, Yuba warm

The main advantage of Yuba Lantern is that it warms up quickly and it has less power and less power consumption. As we all know, Yuba warm lighting is the use of the heat radiation of the bulb to increase the temperature, so it has the advantage of rapid heating, and less power consumption, the general lamp warm single light bulb power in the 245-275w, even if the four lights Open is also about 1000w, more economical and convenient for daily use, so this is the advantage of Yuba warm. However, Yuba warm lighting is mainly concentrated in the radiation range is small, uneven temperature, resulting in a place away from the bathroom is very hot, far away and not warm up the situation, especially for large bathrooms, will not achieve the heating effect of the entire room .

2, Yuba warm wind

The superiority of Yuba's warm air is reflected in its uniform temperature and good heating effect. It uses components to heat the cold air, blows out warm air and circulates fluids to drive the temperature in the room, so it is said that the heating effect is relatively balanced and the entire space is warm. However, the shortcomings of Yuba’s warm air are also very obvious. For example, warming up is slower, it takes more electricity, and it will make the skin dry when it is blown for a long time, so this is the disadvantage of warm bath.

Yuba purchase

1, according to the reasonable bathroom space to buy

Currently on the market bathroom heaters will generally indicate the number of squares to be applied. Buying a small amount of heat will be slow. If you buy a large amount, you will waste. Generally, the bathroom is chosen at a height of 2.6 meters. The two bulbs of Yuba are suitable for a bathroom of about 4 square meters. The lights of Yuba are suitable for bathrooms of about 6-8 square meters. In general, a bathroom with a small area has a large amount of water mist when bathing. It is best to choose a bathroom with good ventilation effect. If it is a newly-renovated bathroom, you may consider installing a ceiling-mounted bath type that does not occupy space and has a large selection of styles.

2, look for "3C" logo

The bathroom is a relatively humid space. In the wet environment, the electrical appliances are relatively prone to failure. To select waterproof performance, the use of high-temperature materials, Yuba, in addition to the box material has a waterproof, the switch also needs waterproof, in order to avoid the use of Leakage situation, Yuba each model of the product should have a national 3C certification, at the time of purchase can check the relevant certificates to the merchant.

3, pay attention to the installation location

Regardless of whether it is warm air or warm, do not install it above the shower area. Except for safety factors, the experience is not friendly. Take the warm air as an example, the hot air blowing is below 40°C, which is lower than the hot water temperature. If you blow to the person while bathing, it will only be counterproductive. The correct installation method is to align the outlet with the place where you change clothes.

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