Which professionals in China's top ten floor tile brands have exposed: The quality of floor tiles is uneven

Floor tiles are ground decoration materials, also called floor tiles. Made of clay. A variety of specifications. Hard, wear-resistant, moisture-proof. Some are glazed and have a decorative effect. Mostly used for floors and floors of public buildings and civil buildings. What are the top ten floor tile brands in China? The top ten brands of floor tiles are common sense that everyone should understand, so that when the house is renovated, they can take good care of their own standards and purchase floor tiles to reduce the chance of being deceived. All in all, it is good to know more about it. Well, today we will take a look at 2015 China's top ten floor tile brands which have it!

Introduction to floor tiles

1, glazed tiles

Glazed tile is the surface of the brick made of glaze firing, which is divided into two kinds of clay and clay. The back of the clay is red and the back of the clay is gray. The surface of the glazed tile can be made with various patterns and patterns, but because the surface is a glaze, the wear resistance is not as good as the polishing.

2, polished tiles

Polished brick is a kind of brick, only the surface is polished. The polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant, so they are particularly suitable for places where toilets, kitchens and other places are used more frequently, and more importantly, they can also achieve a variety of imitation effects, but the polished tiles have a certain deficiency, that is, there are holes in the grinding and it is easy to hide. Filth.

3, glass tiles

The emergence of vitrified tiles can be said to have occurred exactly with the emergence of polished tiles. Strictly speaking, it is also a kind of polished tiles, but it does not have the problem that polished tiles are not easy to clean, so the price is relatively normal compared to polished tiles. It is much higher.

4, mosaic

In terms of area, mosaic is undoubtedly the smallest tile. Mosaic gives people a retro, nostalgic feeling. The use of history is very long. It is mainly applied to walls. Mosaics are small and have many patterns. Therefore, the color of the combination is varied. Even in many cases, it can not only meet people’s desires. Color effects are even more functional, such as remedying a defect.


What are the top ten floor tile brands in China?

What are the top ten Chinese tile brands: Marco Polo

Choosing a good floor tile is very important. Among them, Marco Polo is one of the top ten brands of floor tiles. Well-known brands in China's ceramic industry are well-known trademarks of Chinese floor tiles. The brand was born in 1996 and enjoys the reputation of an antique brick supreme. It is the first choice for people.

What are the two top ten floor tile brands in China?

The Dongpeng brand in the top ten brands of the floor tiles belongs to Guangdong Dongpeng Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of floor tiles, and a well-known trademark in China. The advanced thinking equipment enabled Dongpeng to quickly occupy the domestic market after its establishment. And has become China's most valuable brand, with the company's development, Dongpeng's products will be more diversified.

What are the three top ten floor tile brands in China?: Nobel

Established in 1992, Hangzhou Nobel Group has grown rapidly in China in line with the concept of advancing China's entire tile decoration industry. Currently, it is already a top brand of Chinese ceramic tiles, a well-known brand trusted by consumers, and a floor tile brand that is popular with the general public.

What are the top ten Chinese tile brands? Mona Lisa

Guangdong Mona Lisa Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, making full use of the advantages of time to make great use of modern technology to develop itself. It quickly takes a place in China's floor tiles market. Mona Lisa tiles are unique in appearance. Countless people have loved it.

What are the five top ten floor tile brands in China?

Guanzhu Brand is affiliated to Guangdong New Pearl Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. and is one of China's top ten floor tile brands. Although it was established soon, it has become stronger and bigger with its own product quality and production technology. Jiao Zhe is the first choice for everyone when buying floor tiles.

What are the six top ten floor tile brands in China?

Guangdong Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of ceramics and one of China's top ten famous floor tiles brands, has a reliable quality assurance that allows Xinzhongyuan to have a large number of consumers. At the same time, the brand also brings high taste to consumers. In urban life, the new Zhongyuan tile is not only beautifully shaped but also very upscale.

What are the seven top floor tile brands in China?

The 40-year-old Champion Floor Tiles, they continue to use the new technology into the floor tiles, so that people enjoy the concept of a healthy and environmentally friendly home life makes the brand durable in the floor tile market, which is also the champion tile has always been liked by everyone. s reason.


What are the top ten Chinese tile brands?

Eagle Brand Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of China's top ten brands of floor tiles, and it is a professional manufacturer of architectural ceramics in the world today. With the idea of ​​continuous innovation and providing customers with differentiated high value-added products and services, the brand will continue to move smoothly in the floor tile industry.

What are the top ten Chinese tile brands?

Ou Shennuo is affiliated to Foshan Oushennuo Ceramics Co., Ltd., the top ten brand of floor tiles, and is a key high-tech industry of the National Torch Plan. The stylish, beautiful and luxurious European Shennuo brand is bound to be the goal pursued by people in the future. So what are you waiting for when you want to buy tiles? Let's act quickly.

Ten of the Top Ten Floor Tile Brands in China: Hongyu

Hongyu is affiliated to Guangdong Hongyu Ceramics Co., Ltd., one of China's top ten tile brands. High-quality, high-tech, and natural Hongyu tiles are bound to become popular trends in the future and can satisfy everyone's needs for floor tiles.

Editor's summary: The above is what professionals in China's top ten floor tile brands have exposed: The introduction of floor tiles brands is mixed, and I hope to be able to help those who have such needs! For more information, please continue to follow our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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