Transgenic foods must be clearly marked on October 1

Reporter He Wei, trainee reporter Wu Zhengying

"I have heard that many rice, purple sweet potatoes and corn are also genetically modified. How do consumers distinguish when buying?" Many citizens have issued such questions. From the 1st of October onwards, the public will no longer have to worry about this matter.

It is understood that the new "Food Safety Law" that was formally implemented on October 1 this year has a clear stipulation on the issue of genetically modified markers: The production and operation of genetically modified foods should be clearly marked in accordance with regulations, and if not marked according to regulations, the maximum value of the goods can be 5 More than 10 times the following fine, the circumstances are serious ordered to suspend production until the license is revoked.

The clear stipulation of the new "Food Safety Law" on genetic modification not only shows that the state attaches importance to genetically modified technology, but also respects consumers' right to know. This initiative has aroused widespread concern. On October 23, the reporter found out that the new regulations and visits to Raocheng shopping malls and supermarkets found that only the edible oil genetically modified and non-genetically modified markers were clearly and clearly understood by the consumers. In other commodities, reporters did not find any genetically modified markers after observation. Even the well-known transgenic purple sweet potato and sticky corn were not labeled because of their scattered name. The reporter asked the salesman about this, and salesman Cai Axuan said: “A new policy has been issued, and a series of work and problems have emerged. It is certainly not fully implemented soon, and these unlabeled genetically-modified products will take a while to be disposed and handled. However, these will definitely be implemented in the future, and consumers will be very clear when purchasing."

With regard to the provisions of the new "Food Safety Law" on genetically modified markers, people have different voices, but most still think that they should be clearly marked. Mr. Wu, who works in the Water Conservancy Bureau, said: "The genetically modified food is good or bad. There is no conclusion in the scientific community. I think it is clearly marked, so that consumers can choose freely, otherwise they will not know what they are eating. "What," said Ms. Xing, who lives on Zhongshan Road, said: "If genetically modified foods really have no problem, then there's no fear of labeling. I think this kind of food that is closely related to people's health still understands consumption well."

The person in charge of the Food Production and Circulation Supervision Section of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration stated that the implementation of the work must have a transitional period and should be left to the enterprise to deal with the time of the products it has produced. Subsequent legacy issues should also be properly handled. After the transition period, inspections will be strictly conducted in accordance with the law, and if any product is found to be in violation of regulations, it will be punished in accordance with regulations. It is understood that although the "Food Safety Law" has been repeatedly revised and improved, there are still some problems in the implementation of the GM labeling regulations. For example, how to define "genetically modified foods", whether to select "qualitative" or "quantitative" labels and implement them? Whether it will affect the market price, etc.

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