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The toilet is the household appliance that we must use in our daily life. It provides us with the convenience of cleaning and maintenance and health care, so that our lives are easy and healthy and enjoyable. However, when everyone enjoys the convenience of toilets, they cannot ignore the cleaning and maintenance of the toilet itself. Next Xiaobian introduced the toilet purchasing skills and toilet maintenance methods.

Toilet purchasing tips

1, observe the gloss of the toilet

The higher the toilet gloss, the finer the better, the better the hygiene. This is directly related to the quality of the porcelain and the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature, the more uniform the porcelain and the better the porcelain.

2, see if the glaze is even

Consumers can ask the owner more. If the sewage outlet is glazing, you can put your hand in the sewage outlet and touch it to see if it is glazed. The main killer of the dirt is the poor glaze, qualified glazed feel fine, you can also touch the glazed corner when buying, glazed with very thin, then at the corner will be uneven, it will When exposed, it will feel rough.

3, toilet flushing method

There is a direct relationship between the flushing of toilets and flushing methods. Now, domestic toilets are divided into flush and siphon styles. The flush toilet uses the gravity of the flushing water to push the dirt out of the trap of the toilet to end the discharge. The benefit is strong discharge capacity; and the siphon occurs when the siphonic toilet flushes. Force the dirt to be sucked out of the trap of the toilet bowl to reach the purpose of sewage discharge. The benefit is to avoid splashing when flushing, and the cylinder flushing function is cleaner.

4, Toilet water consumption

There are two ways to save water, one is to save water, and the other is to save water through the reuse of wastewater. Water-saving toilets have the same function as ordinary toilets. They must have the functions of saving water, maintaining cleansing, and transporting excrement. Nowadays, there are many products that use water-saving slogans but have unsatisfactory product technology and practical results. Take special care when you need to.

5, test water saving performance

At present, products on the market are said to use 6 liters of water-saving design, but in fact it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the effect, so it is best to choose well-known brand products.

Toilet maintenance method

1, toilet seat is everyone's most inattentive place when used, so it is relatively more bacteria, but also our usual order and conservation points. In general, the toilet seat should be sterilized one to two days, and household sanitizer should be used for scrubbing. Some families use toilet mats in the winter. However, such toilet mats are not only unfavorable to the cleaning of toilets but also to parasitic bacteria. Therefore, they are best not used. If they are used, they should be cleaned and disinfected.

2. Toilets are usually used as excretion tools. The frequency of use is very high every day. Therefore, there are often urine stains, feces and other contaminants. After washing, there are still residues. Therefore, clean the toilet when cleaning the toilet. In addition, when using the toilet, do not throw paper, toilets, etc. into the toilet. This will cause the toilet to clog up and clean the residue.

3. Place a paper basket next to the toilet for ease of use. In fact, this practice is wrong, so that it will form a sanitary environment to breed more bacteria. If paper baskets must be placed beside them, it is best to use paper baskets with lids, so as to avoid bacterial proliferation and ease of use.

4, in peacetime, more attention should be paid to order the toilet, you can use the toilet brush to clean the toilet, but pay attention to when cleaning the toilet, the toilet brush is inevitably stained with dirt, if not clean the toilet brush on the bacteria, then the bacteria Will spread. Therefore, when cleaning the toilet, the toilet brush can be conveniently cleaned, and disinfectant can be used for disinfecting if necessary.

Editor's summary: About the toilet purchasing skills and toilet maintenance methods are introduced here and hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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