Baby room decoration pay attention to what baby room can grow flowers and plants it

Many moms and dads expect their baby to grow up in a comfortable, healthy and happy home. It will take a lot of thought to decorate their room for the baby who is about to be born. 0-2 years old little baby, stay in the house for a long time, and the baby's resistance is relatively weak, so baby room decoration should pay special attention. A little carelessness can affect the health of the baby. Today, Xiao Bian came to talk with you about what the baby room decoration should pay attention to, let 's learn about it together!

Baby room decoration should pay attention to what 1

First of all, the floor is best to use solid wood flooring, there are two reasons, one is solid wood will be more environmentally friendly than other materials, less harmful substances, and secondly, compared to the tile, it feels more comfortable, even if the baby is not careful There's not much to do with hitting the ground, and it's easy to bump if you hit the tile. If you are not comfortable, you may wish to put a layer of carpet on the carpet, which can also play a protective role.

Baby room decoration to pay attention to what 2

For the wall materials, we must also choose environmental protection. We choose the products of the big brands as much as possible so that their quality is guaranteed. Even if there is any damage, the after-sales service is also guaranteed. Or it is better to decorate the wall with eco-friendly fabric wallpaper, not afraid of the picture, and easy to clean.

Baby room decoration to pay attention to what 3

Whether on the ground or on the wall, the materials we use must be environmentally friendly, and it is best to be soft. For example, you can use wall coverings on the walls. If you use stone, then the radioactive stones that cannot be used must not be used because people The whole body or part of the body can be induced leukemia after receiving medium or high dose radiation. The infant's immune function is relatively fragile and is more vulnerable to radiation.

Baby room decoration to pay attention to what 4

Another point that needs special attention is that in the neonatal room should not be placed in flowers, because some babies are allergic constitution, easy to allergies, and resistance is not as strong as adults. Some flowers stems, leaves, flowers contain toxins, such as evergreen leaves contain some toxic, direct oral mucosal stimulation after the entrance, but also make the mucous membrane thick throat, etc., such as the bulbs of daffodils like fruits, After eating, vomiting, abdominal pain, and other symptoms of acute gastritis occur.

Xiaobian's words: In addition to the above mentioned points need to pay attention to, baby room lighting is also particular about, such as the overhead light to be brighter, the wall light should be softer, the table lamp or thorn. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the ventilation problem. If the indoor ventilation is good, the harmful substances in the air will be less or even absent. The above is what Xiaobian and everyone explained about the baby room decoration should pay attention to what knowledge, and hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

Baby room decoration to pay attention to what

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