How will plastics fall in May in May?

[ Jiuzhi Plastics News] April plastics and related products ended in the end of the fall, May arrived as scheduled. In summary, the price of PVC rose slightly in April, and the price of nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene and related products fell most. The BOPET12μ printing film, PA66, ABS and PP drawing powder dropped significantly, at 8.06%. 10.2%, 7.59%, 7.02%.
The average price of international crude oil fluctuated downwards. The cost of plastic products led by crude oil fell overall. At the same time, it was difficult for the downstream demand to improve substantially, which dragged down the mentality of the industry. The prices of most plastic products fell over the month. Bulk products such as PP and PE were affected by the unilateral downward trend of the futures. The prices continued to fall, the market was not buying enough, and the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. How will the price of plastic products in May be interpreted?
In terms of mentality, due to the low-level domestic equipment maintenance and the low-voltage conversion of some enterprises in May, the market expects that the linear resources will decrease, the supply of high and low-pressure resources will be relatively sufficient, and the price will be relatively high. It is expected that in May, in the case of two weak supply and demand, the situation of capital intervention will be expected to bottom out. There is support at the 8400-8500 yuan/ton line, and the possibility of deep decline is unlikely. High and low pressure supply is sufficient, and there is no futures pressure, the price is relatively high, and the trend is weak.
The demand for polypropylene continues to be weak. Even as the weather gets warmer, sales in food, home appliances, and automobiles will improve, and it will be difficult to form a strong support for the PP market. The overall advantages and disadvantages are expected to continue in the middle and early May, which will continue to weaken and fluctuate downwards. It is expected that the price of drawing in the market will hover at 7500-7900 yuan/ton next month, and the market price will be hovering at 8100-8500 yuan/ton.
In the short-term view of PVC, there is no obvious positive factor to support. Due to a wave of price cuts in the near future, the decline in corporate inventories is obviously as if the number of maintenance companies increased in May, it is expected to form a certain support for the market, but there are not many new orders in the downstream, maintaining the demand only, and the space for increase is limited.
In terms of ABS, butadiene rebounded slightly, but affected by the decline in demand, ABS manufacturers accumulated inventory, market supply increased, and in May, North EPS manufacturers were suspended due to environmental protection, styrene stocks were difficult to drop significantly, and market buying was relatively low. The ABS market is expected to fall.
PS, the low styrene in May, the cost changes little, the PS market is weak, the market supply is relatively small, limiting the market decline, the downstream demand is weak, the domestic PS market is expected to fluctuate.

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