How to avoid cotton phytotoxicity

Field symptoms
After the phytotoxicity of the cotton plant, the main manifestation is that the leaves are chicken-claw shaped, and the leaves become smaller and thicker. The top stem is slightly curved, the growth point is slow to develop, and many fine branches are produced in the leaf axils. The flower buds fall off a lot, and if they are not remedied in time, it is difficult to sit on the peach for a long time, resulting in low yield and poor quality. cause
1. Instrument cleaning is not clean Due to the rapid development of herbicides in recent years, the variety is increasing, and the scope of use is rapidly expanding. In particular, the use area of ​​wheat field herbicides has increased. However, some farmers only have one sprayer. After spraying the herbicide on the wheat field, the device is not cleaned in time, and the device containing the herbicide residue is sprayed on the cotton, causing phytotoxicity.
2. The concentration of pesticides used by most cotton farmers when using pesticides to control pests and diseases can not be used according to the concentration indicated in the instruction manual, and the concentration is increased at will, resulting in the occurrence of phytotoxicity. Remedy
1. Cleaning and prevention method After spraying the wheat field herbicide, the sprayer should be rinsed repeatedly with clean water. Wash the sprayer several times before spraying other pesticides to prevent the damage caused by the herbicide residue.
2. If the water spray cleaning method is found in time, spray the water immediately for cleaning. Spray one time each morning and evening, and spray for 3~4 days, which can effectively control the development of the phytotoxicity and reduce the damage caused by the phytotoxicity.
3. Hormone Relief Method After the occurrence of phytotoxicity, timely spray hormonal plant growth regulators to alleviate phytotoxicity and promote growth. The general spray concentration is 40 μg/ml solution.
4. After the phytotoxicity of the fertilizer-promoting method, the growth and development of the plant is hindered, and nutrition should be given in time. First, foliar spray fertilizer can spray drought-resistant growth nutrient to quickly replenish nutrients; second, soil topdressing can apply 5~6 kg of urea per acre to promote plant growth and reduce the degree of phytotoxicity.
5. The cultivating loose soil method is used to cultivate loose soil, break soil compaction, enhance soil permeability, promote beneficial microbial activities, accelerate the decomposition of soil nutrients, enhance the absorption capacity of roots for nutrients and water, and restore the growth and development of plants as soon as possible. Damage caused by harm.
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