Chicken wing wood furniture maintenance taboo good and bad all in that moment

Chicken wing wood is a kind of mahogany furniture , belonging to the leguminous mahogany, mainly in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The preciousness of mahogany furniture is well known, so the chicken wing wood furniture in mahogany furniture is also one of the precious and expensive furniture of wood. Therefore, after buying the chicken wing wood furniture, the gold masters should take good care of them, then you know how to care for them, what are the taboos , the following small series will carefully explain for you.

鸡翅木家具保养禁忌 好与不好全在那一瞬

Chicken wing wood maintenance taboo 1 : Do not pile heavy objects on the surface of chicken wing wood products, or mix with hard objects such as keys, so as not to cause distortion and deformation of chicken wings.

Chicken wing wood maintenance taboo 2 : Do not use a damp cloth to wipe or wash the chicken wing wood products with water, avoiding the application of chemicals with chemicals. Therefore, it is even more difficult to wipe the wenge wood with corrosive chemicals such as alkaline water or alcohol to avoid damaging or damaging the fibers of the wood.

鸡翅木家具保养禁忌 好与不好全在那一瞬

Chicken wing wood maintenance taboo 3 : Do not use the so-called "defense salt" and other substances to clean the chicken wing wood. The essence of "defending salt" is coarse sea salt. It can be used to soak "pure" chicken wing wood. It will not only protect the chicken wing wood, but will greatly damage the wood, causing the wood to become thick, discolored and cracked.

鸡翅木家具保养禁忌 好与不好全在那一瞬

The above-mentioned chicken wing wood furniture maintenance taboos are introduced first. The chicken wing wood furniture belongs to the more precious mahogany furniture. The texture is beautiful and the texture is excellent. If you are interested in chicken wing wood furniture, you may wish to find your favorite on GO Jiaju Furniture Network . Chicken wing wood furniture

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