80m2 two-bedroom decoration budget 80m2 half a package of 60,000 decoration is a good deal

In this bustling city, if there is not a house of its own, it is very difficult to make oneself feel at ease, let alone the feeling of “home”. However, due to the fact that the current housing prices are expensive, many young people are not allowed to. Do not buy small units, to meet the young couple can live, then the face of only 80 flats how to decorate the house to save money? Let's take a look at the 80m2 two-bedroom, one- room renovation budget .

80m2 two-bedroom decoration budget: water and electricity

Generally speaking, according to the actual amount of production, most of the rooms below 80m2 are between 2000 and 5000, while those under 120m2 are around 4000 to 8000. In addition, home improvement companies generally receive pre-payment of 1000~2000 water and electricity.

80m2 two-bedroom decoration budget: paving tiles, wall tiles

Due to the complexity of the construction steps and the need for meticulous work by the workers, the cost of this piece is relatively high. The reference fee is 47 to 55 yuan/m2 for paving tiles and 49 to 58 yuan/m2 for wall tiles. The decoration cost is between 30 yuan and 50 yuan per block, and the middle and upscale costs are between 60 yuan and 90 yuan per block.

80m2 two-bedroom decoration budget: brush wall

At present, most of the dressing techniques in the wall are divided into an interface agent, scraping putty three times, and latex paint three times. Some companies will settle the process and the main and auxiliary materials together when quoting, but some companies will Separated and settled by the owner to provide their own latex paint, the reference price for scraping putty 20 ~ 30 yuan / m2, brush latex paint 15 ~ 40 yuan / m2.

80m2 two-bedroom decoration budget: ceiling

There is a lot of trickery in the construction of this block, so the households are particularly concerned that most companies will generally quote when installing ceilings, including the use of keels, closing lines and other materials, but some informal companies will The split, separate fees, charges refer to ordinary aluminum buckle ceiling 130 ~ 140 yuan / m2, integrated ceiling 300 ~ 400 yuan / m2, waterproof plasterboard ceiling 240 ~ 250 yuan / m2.

Summary: The relevant content of the 80m2 two-bedroom, one-room decoration budget is introduced here, of course, this is only a small part of many renovation projects, if you want to learn more, please feel free to communicate with Xiaobian.

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