What are the preparations for the mine concrete shotcreting machine before the construction under the coal mine?

What are the preparations for the mine concrete shotcreting machine before the construction under the coal mine? For the construction of mine concrete shotcreting machine under the coal mine, especially in the roadway support construction of the mining area, the preparations prior to shotcrete support and the precautions during shotcreting are directly related to the safety of the roadway support in the mining area. Before the construction of the mine concrete shotcreting machine must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction steps, Henan Yuli sprayer manufacturers detailed safety measures for roadway support in the mine sprayer mining area.
1. Before spraying begins, wrap the cables, switch electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, etc. with color strip cloth. Before spraying, a standard line must be set up. The number of hanging lines is determined according to the site conditions.
2. Before spraying, it is necessary to send air, send water, and then send power. When stopping spraying, feed should be stopped first. After the remaining material in the jet is sprayed, power is cut off, and then the water is stopped. wind.
3, before the spraying begins, first use pressure water to flush the roadway, punch a section of roadway, spray a roadway; when spraying, the nozzle should move slowly and evenly spirally, the diameter of the spiral ring is about 200mm; The nozzle should be as perpendicular as possible to the roadway surrounding rock.
4. When spraying, the distance between the sprayer and the sprayed surface should be controlled within 1.0m. If the laneway is too smooth and the spray material is not easy to bond, you can spray a layer of mortar ash before spraying.
5. When spraying, the roadway wall should be sprayed first, and then the top of the roadway should be sprayed. From the bottom up, a spray thickness of 50 to 70mm should be used. The interval between the front and rear spraying should not exceed 30 minutes; and when the slurry is sprayed in the straight lane, it must be Use lead wire to pull the control line and master the roadway molding specifications.
6, the ground mixer must be strictly in accordance with the mixing ratio, the actual operation, the sprayer should be based on the visual measurement of the concrete gloss, the amount of rebound shots, dust, adjust the amount of water supply, in order to reduce the rebound of the amount of spray And reduce the amount of dust; spray-formed roadway to carry out sprinkler conservation.

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