Mushroom cultivation against "bad rotten"

The production of shiitake mushrooms is related to factors such as water, nutrition, temperature, air, light, pH, etc. The occurrence of “rotten sticks” is directly related to cultivation management. Although the mushroom is a phototrophic fungus, it does not need light at all during the vegetative growth stage of the mycelium. Strong direct light has an inhibitory effect and lethal effect on the mushroom hyphae. Therefore, the shading work should be done well.

Mushroom is an aerobic fungus. In the absence of oxygen, hyphae temporarily maintains life by glycolysis, but consumes a lot of nutrients, hyphae is easy to aging, and death is fast. Therefore, puncture and oxygenation should be done in time.

In the summer, the mushroom hyphae will be affected by the high temperature, and the choice of the germinating site will be good or bad. The correct measures are directly related to the success of cultivation. When the piles are piled up in time and the cooling measures are in place, the sticks are less rotten, and improper management often results in a large number of sticks.

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