What are the methods of test room speed and bandwidth

What are the methods of test room speed and bandwidth

A good speed room, the first packet loss rate can not exceed
1%, preferably
There is no packet loss for 1000 pings. This is ideal, but this is not an absolute value, as long as it is lower than
1% of all belong to a good routing situation. Secondly
The ping value should be small, and the mean value of telecommunication adsl ping in the city must not exceed
20, generally
10, Inter-provincial adsl ping average should be
20-40 is normal. The third point is
The ping value should be uniform, this we can refer to the results of the mobile ping value, although the smallest
The ping value is only
4, but from time to time there are dozens, the largest 79, this is the performance of routing instability.

The second method of testing, test routing
Tracert router

The engine room test factory prompts this to see how many routers the test point needs to pass through to reach the target server, and it can be seen by the number of milliseconds of each route that passes through the router and passes through that router.
Ip nslookup to view this
Ip belongs to the operator, even the operator of that province and city, so it is clear at a glance.

The third method is also used by ordinary people to download files.

The room test factory prompts this is very simple, first understand the maximum value of your Internet access method, if it is
2MBPS ADSL, then the theoretical maximum download speed is
2*1024/8=256KB, the actual maximum download speed is
More than 200KB is stable, if it is 512KPS
Adsl, generally
50-60KB reached its peak.