Turning waste into treasure "ditch oil" into biodiesel

Turning waste into treasure "ditch oil" into biodiesel “My company consumed 50,000 tons of waste oil last year and extracted more than 40,000 tons of biodiesel, which is equivalent to the oil output of a medium-sized oil field.” The people who said this were Zhang Weiming and Changzhou Wujin, who owned one of the largest in the country. Biorefinery business.

Drainage oil is daunting, but it is a treasure in Zhang Weiming's eyes. “In our company, each ton of waste oil can be refined into 0.9 tons of biodiesel. Biodiesel has a slightly lower calorific value than mineral diesel, but it can be used in marine machinery such as ships, tractors, and generators. Its price per ton is lower than that of mineral diesel. About 1,000 yuan.And, in the combustion process, the pollutant emission is only 1/10 of mineral diesel, can also be made into plastic chemicals and other Chemical Raw Materials.Because of advanced equipment, we have achieved 100% energy recycling, no pollution. ”

Let Zhang Weiming scratch his head is that the collection of waste oil is more difficult. In previous years, companies were mainly collected in Changzhou and neighboring cities, because there were three or four companies that specialized in collecting waste oil. However, at that point, companies simply did not eat enough. "This year, our company's processing capacity has reached 150,000 tons, but it can only be acquired in the province by 1/10." Not long ago, Zhang Weiming ran Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangdong, Beijing and other places, and discussed with the waste oil collection companies there. . He said that the price of the acquisition of cooking oil is completely on the market, which is not lower than the purchase price of the waste oil that has re-entered the table. Roughly estimating, the province's annual production of waste oil is about 780,000 tons, if you can buy all, not only can save a lot of logistics costs, but also can effectively prevent the re-flow of waste oil into the market.

What is the reason that Zhang Weiming’s family is seeking to purchase the waste oil? He explained that each city has several large households collecting waste oil. They installed grease traps and collected waste oil in hotels and restaurants. All poultry processing companies and oil mills also have waste oil. Some cities have standardized the treatment of waste oil companies, such as Suzhou City, there is a company that uses waste oil to generate electricity, but most cities do not. Because, to build a waste oil treatment enterprise, it is necessary to have sewage treatment and other supporting facilities and invest at least 10 million yuan. It is precisely because there is no formal handling of the enterprise, causing a lot of waste oil to go unclear. “This year, we want to establish a waste collection point in the 13 major cities in the province and the larger county-level cities. However, since waste oil collection is now managed by the department, we are looking forward to the support of the local government.”

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