Introduction to waterborne coatings

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Water-dilutable paint refers to a paint prepared by forming a post-emulsified emulsion as a film-forming material, so that the solvent-based resin is dissolved in an organic solvent, and then with the help of the emulsifier, the friendly low-carbon eco-friendly paint is formed by dispersing the resin in water by strong mechanical stirring. The emulsion, called the post-emulsified emulsion, can be diluted with water during construction. The water-dispersible coating mainly refers to a coating prepared by using a synthetic resin emulsion as a film-forming material. The emulsion refers to a dispersion emulsion composed of small particle groups in which unsaturated vinyl monomers are polymerized under a certain temperature in the presence of an emulsifier and dispersed in water. A coating prepared by adding a small amount of a water-soluble resin to a water-soluble resin cannot be called a latex paint. Strictly speaking, water-diluted coatings cannot be called latex paints, but they are also categorized as latex paints.

As the name suggests, water-based paints are water-based paints. For example, all of our interior and exterior paints, metal paints, automotive paints, etc. have corresponding water-based paint products. It can be seen that water-based paints have been widely used in many industries. Our general concern is water-based wood lacquer, which is the most technically and technologically advanced product in wood coatings. Water-based wood lacquer is more and more market-oriented because of its non-toxic, environmentally friendly, odorless, volatile, non-flammable, non-explosive, high-safety, non-yellowing, and large brushing area. Welcome. At this time, many companies have set off a wave of environmental protection and environmental protection. They have taken a look at the future development trend of environmental protection and have improved their products. However, only a few companies have been able to achieve complete environmental protection and fully achieve national water quality. CCEL standard in coatings.

Due to the consensus on the development of the world paint market, various oil paint manufacturers have launched water-based paint products, and many foreign brands have also rushed to the Chinese market. For a time, the water-based wood lacquer on the market is full of eyes. How to know, understand and purchase has become a top priority for consumers.

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