Nile cushion quality how to buy Nile cushion how to see true and false

Cars have entered people's daily lives, and automotive-related supplies have gradually developed. When people choose automotive products, they pursue characteristic and high-quality products to enhance their decorative effect. The Nile cushion is one of the products that followed it. What about the quality of the Nile cushion ? Next, Xiaobian asked everyone to answer the question of how the quality of the Nile cushions and the purchase of the Nile cushions look true and false.

How is the quality of the Nile cushion ?

1. Since the establishment of the Nile, the Nile has always been thinking about the interests of consumers, in order to allow consumers to experience comfortable services. The development has never stopped the research and development of new products, and it has provided a number of high-quality car seat cushions for the majority of users. Now it has become China's high-end car seat brand.

2. The filler used in the Nile cushion is a high-quality sponge with high thickness and good elasticity. The elasticity of the sponge is three times higher than that of the ordinary cushion. It is by no means a comparison of some of the brand-name cushions on the market. Do not look at it with a high thickness. It does not have a sultry feeling when used, but it is very comfortable and breathable. The cloth used is a good-quality non-woven fabric that is beautiful and does not wrinkle.

3. The design of the Nile Cushion is consistent with the body's announcement that you will be able to support the body. Even if you sit on it for a long time, you will not feel tired. The process used at the bottom of the cushion is flame compounding. Environmental protection, and the bonded cushion is very strong.

Second, buy Nile cushion how to see true and false

1, see the color

The surface of the cotton core is loosely pinched with a pin, and after seeing the cotton core, one or more strands of cotton thread can be singled out, and the color of the cushion core is observed. Generally, the cushion core with poorer quality is gray or black. And there are many inferior cushions that use white waste fibers.

2, smell

If you can smell the heavy and pungent odor of the cushion core, this type of core is mostly made of black cotton, but it is normal for the car cushion to be bought back with odor. After you buy the cushion, you can put it in a ventilated place. After the Nile cushion really dried, the odor disappeared.

3, weight

The Nile cushion uses a high-quality sponge, which weighs heavier than black tulle and exceeds 20 pounds, while the average car cushion weighs about 14 pounds.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the quality of the Nile cushion and how to look at the authenticity of the purchase of the Nile cushion. I hope to help everyone. The Nile Cushion experience is very comfortable. If you have never bought a Nile Cushion, try it out, but now there are many fakes on the Nile Cushion. Everyone should pay more attention when buying.

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