Create a home holiday home, get three points!

Busy life in the city makes people struggling to run. It's hard to have a holiday. If you want to go out for a holiday, the result is a huge crowd of people. Not only is it relaxed but it is even more tired! I really want to go on vacation every day, I really want to relax every day. Since that is the case, then simply make your home a vacation home! What do you need to pay attention to in your home vacation home design ? Xiao Bian will now take everyone to see the design of home holiday house attention!

The first move: the use of wood building materials to increase leisure warmth

Natural materials always make people feel the natural atmosphere, such as wood, such as stone. Through the natural texture of wood, unique fragrance and simple tones, it will be able to present a happy temperature, and it will make sense of leisure. As shown in the picture, it is possible to lay ultra-waterproof and wear-resistant wooden floor in the bathroom, and use marble stone as a partition. Close to nature, the texture of natural wood and stone can not help but relax. In addition, you can use the “window frame view” method to integrate outdoor scenery, allowing the owner to open the window, you can overlook the green mountains.

The second measure: a multi-functional, multi-functional Japanese-style soup house

If you like Japanese culture, you may wish to move the Japanese style soup house to your home. The transparent, open glass partition allows people to view the entire structure of the soup house, taking into account the internal lighting and ventilation, and combining multiple functions such as the living room, dining room and sleeping area. The overall space uses concise lines to highlight the leisure tones in the field, gently sketching the refreshing freedom of the sky, ground, and walls. The platform on the TV wall extends to the edge of the window in a zigzag fashion. Sexual and interactive relationships also create a spiritual palace in the hustle and bustle of the city.

The third measure: to increase interest in the home

Create a home holiday home, add a bit of "stable" and "fun" to the home. It is possible to plan out indoor recreation areas such as wine coolers, hanging painting areas, bath soup areas, hookah areas, and pinball tables in the location of the smooth side, so as to create a relaxing space for leisure and leisure. In addition, you can also integrate the bar and kitchen function, here to make pot tea, or enjoy a cup of mellow coffee, in the lingering greenery and poetic atmosphere, unveiled a full day of prelude.


If you want to create a holiday home in your home, you must use “simple and comfortable” as the primary consideration and let the space return to the initial state. In terms of material selection, it is recommended to use natural elements as the base to increase the overall temperature of the field. In addition, the planning of the light atmosphere is also very important. Sunlight can be introduced into the room through a large window to create a light and translucent space. Sex.

The above is the relevant content of the home holiday home design introduced by Xiaobian, and I hope to help everyone! Due to the limited space in each home, these leisure elements can be integrated into the actual situation. For more information, please follow this site!

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