Zhongtian energy storage capable of producing 10,000 lithium batteries per hour, adding power to the “Belt and Road”

Industrial robots (20.110, 1.43, 7.66%) are operating in an orderly assembly line. If there are only a few people in the large production workshop, the lithium battery manufacturing process is complicated, the process is high, and the precision is high. The intelligent production workshop can “simplify and simplify”, which not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also achieves the industry leading level in precision and safety.

In recent years, with the continuous rise of new energy industries and electric vehicles, the energy storage industry has ushered in development opportunities. How to provide safer and more stable high-efficiency energy storage equipment has become a major issue that the entire industry urgently needs to solve. Zhongtian Technology (10.930, 0.01, 0.09%) started late in the energy storage industry, but with its solid R&D foundation and innovative technology, it has become a leader in the intelligent manufacturing of high-performance lithium batteries. It is understood that Zhongtian Technology has carried out business cooperation with 59 countries along the “Belt and Road”, and the energy storage field is an important part of it. At present, its 0.5MWh power storage system has been exported to Germany and is actively deploying new energy projects in markets such as Bangladesh.

High-end R&D core competitiveness

To build products with core competitiveness in the energy storage industry, independent research and development and high-end innovation are particularly important.

It is understood that Zhongtian Storage has invested more than 40 million yuan to establish a domestic lithium-ion battery research and development center, led by Dr. Yan Chenglu, a special expert of the China Physical and Chemical Power Association, to form a strong R & D team. "In addition to lithium-ion battery analysis and testing, the R&D center also has a complete battery test and pilot test line, which can meet the requirements of various new battery materials, formulations and process development tests, and screening and differentiated products for cost-effective materials. R&D provides a solid foundation.” Qi Yonghua, general manager of Zhongtian Energy Storage Co., Ltd. introduced.

At present, the R&D center has more than 40 sets of sophisticated analytical instruments such as SEM, ICP, XRD, and electrochemical workstations, and cooperates with various research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University to apply for and authorize patents. More than 60 items.

In addition, in order to meet the demand for high-performance power lithium batteries brought about by the rapid development of new energy vehicles, Zhongtian Storage has chosen to start research and development from energy density, safety, manufacturing costs and high-rate fast charging. "By introducing high-conductivity materials, ultra-thin high-strength materials, high-gum capacity high-pressure LFP materials, and supporting engineering technology, LFP products with specific energy >152Wh/Kg have been mass-produced, and cost control is maintained. The consistency is good and the electrical performance is not reduced.” Xu Zhou, deputy chief engineer of Zhongtian Energy Storage, said, “In the case of square large-capacity ternary lithium batteries, the energy density has exceeded 200Wh under the premise of ensuring safety and cycle characteristics. Kg."

Innovative process to achieve intelligence

In addition to increasing investment in product research and development, Zhongtian Storage Energy has also innovated in manufacturing processes and processes, with an automation level of over 90%. “In the past, manual production of lithium batteries, only a thousand pieces per hour can be produced, and now through a variety of high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, the same time can easily complete 10,000 pieces of production tasks.” Xu Zhou said.

According to reports, the intelligentization of the production process of Zhongtian storage lithium battery is not a single one, but a complete set of intensive. From the automatic scanning code identification at the raw material end, equipment operation status, production parameters, environmental status, to raw material test data collection, semi-finished product identification analysis, chemical composition, and MES system of key data such as OCV/IR, the planning, production, and Automatic control, analysis, early warning and traceability of processes such as quality.

The intelligentization of the complete production process not only reduces the production cost, but also effectively improves the performance and performance of the product, and is truly intelligent and precise. At present, the positioning accuracy of Zhongtian energy storage lithium battery has been increased from 1mm to 50μm, the production capacity has increased by 10 times, the yield has increased by 5%, and the safety of the battery core has reached the industry leading position.

For this reason, Zhongtian Storage Energy successfully entered the catalogue of the “Regulations on the Standard Conditions of Automotive Power Battery Industry” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the fourth batch), and became a lithium battery enterprise listed in the 2016 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Demonstration project tree industry benchmark

With its advantages in high-end R&D and intelligent manufacturing, Zhongtian Technology has gained a lot in the energy storage market and has gradually become a model for setting the industry benchmark.

On October 13, 2016, a demonstration project of industrialized application of distributed energy storage technology and equipment with a total investment of 40 million yuan was approved. It is reported that the demonstration project includes two parts: distributed energy storage application demonstration project and civil intelligent energy storage application demonstration project. Among them, distributed energy storage application demonstration project builds distributed photovoltaic, energy storage, charging pile trinity integration and source network interaction Demonstration project, total energy storage capacity of 10MWH; civil intelligent energy storage application demonstration project construction such as Donghekou Town 20-60 household optical storage integration demonstration project, each household 2-5 kW.

“As an innovative demonstration project, the future market environment, project execution progress and revenue situation are uncertain, but it promotes the company's technological innovation, develops new business models and business growth points, and accelerates the upgrading of the new energy industry chain. "Yu Yonghua said.

According to reports, the source-source energy storage demonstration project will increase the new energy penetration rate from 15% to 40%, effectively alleviate the expansion and expansion of the distribution network, and save users' electricity expenses. It is a new energy power generation, purchase and sale of electricity reform, and intelligence. An attempt to integrate the three of the distribution network.

At the beginning of 2017, Zhongtian Storage Energy participated in the demonstration project of 10MWh energy storage power station in Jiangsu Province as the general contractor, and participated in the design, manufacture and installation of the technical solution for the 10MWh energy storage power station in Jiangsu Province. . This is another breakthrough in the field of electric energy storage after Zhongtian Science and Technology has independently designed, developed and implemented the 10MWh demonstration project for industrial application of distributed energy storage technology equipment in Jiangsu Province.

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