The effect of imported bearings on the shelf and the layout features

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The effect of imported bearings on the shelf and the layout features

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-04-16

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It is possible for many customers to have such doubts when using imported bearings. For some bearings, there are bearings and there are no bearings. We share with us the effect and layout characteristics of imported bearings. .
Imported bearings (especially tumbling bearings) are two types of splicing and non-sticking frames. Large imported bearings usually require a large load; often without a shelf; The track is filled with a rollover. Most small and medium-sized imported rolling bearings are supported by a frame.
In the process of importing bearings; how to fit the outer ring, inner ring, roll body and the support frame of the imported bearing. In brief, the front ring of the imported bearing is placed first, and the inner ring is placed on the side. Then turn the roll (put it aside), then adjust the roll body orientation, and finally, put the stand.
Now we all know it; in the processing of imported bearings, there are also sticks to participate; then the primary bearing of the imported bearings is to achieve the effect?
The effect of the shelf is:
1. Guide and roll the rolling body to roll on the correct raceway.
2, adhere to the frame will be the same distance from the rolling body; evenly distributed on the circumference of the raceway to avoid collisions and conflicts between the rolling bodies during operation,
3. In the separate bearing; combine the roll body and a ferrule; to prevent the roll from falling.
The bearing is called a window; it is used to block and guide the rolling body; the pocket gap allows the holding frame to have a certain amount of activity in the radial and axial directions; the total radial amount of movement is called the gap of the holding frame. A variety of layout types, shapes are messy. Stick to many equidistant pockets on the shelf; pocket shapes are spherical, circular, elliptical, rectangular and toothed; the scale is larger than the roll scale; the difference between the two is pocket Void; sometimes the connection between the entrance and the window is somewhat called the lintel; it serves to connect and add the strength of the frame.

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