Behind the sale of imported goods at low prices

In the middle of the night on July 28, 2014, Gao Yang, the CEO of home-based e-commerce brand Melaleuca, announced on WeChat that it officially began pre-sales of “original imports from the United States” at a price of 4,999-37,600 yuan, and that it has “regular legal import channels”. Big mattress brand products, including Simmons (commonly known as Simmons in China), King Koil (commonly known as Jin Keer in domestic), and Sealy (commonly known as Silian in China), "the price is less than half or even 1/3 of the domestic retail price.

That day was the day when some e-commerce companies were caught in a crisis of integrity because they knew fakes and sold fakes. They were called "the darkest day for e-commerce" by Gao Yang. Gao Yang's WeChat not only clarified the difference between Merlot and those e-commerce brands, but also directly pushed the three major imported American mattress brands into the whirlpool of public opinion, and also made Merlot a fighter who “declares war on imported mattresses” To establish the image of a subversive.

It should be said that Melaleuca is a subversive. The high price of imported mattresses is not a secret, but no one has dared to pierce it. Now Melaleuca's public bargaining price will certainly have a certain impact on dealers who always sell high prices. Gao Yang even used half-ridiculous and half-strong language to answer the question of "e-commerce sells imported products at half the price of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. How do brick-and-mortar dealers deal with it", saying dealers "have only two choices" and one is " Through legal means to fight the lawsuit with Melaleuca, this lawsuit will educate consumers that the import of American mattresses is a profiteering industry ", and the second is" improving the management and operation efficiency, greatly reducing prices and competing with Melaleuca, and ultimately benefiting consumers. " Obviously, Melaleuca is ready to fight the price war, not even to fight the lawsuit!

However, with the operation of three American mattress brands, Melaleuca has no intention or ability to shake the high price system of the entire home furnishing industry. At best, it is just a spoiler. Paying a little attention to the high WeChat will find that Melaleuca is only "pre-sale" products of the three major American mattress brands. There is no stock on hand. Consumers go to purchase after booking. If the number of reservations is large, they can be provided. It ’s okay for the product to bargain. If it ’s too little, it ’s okay to lose money to increase traffic and click-through rate. For Melaleuca, an online company that attracts a lot of venture capital, it ’s nothing to burn some money! It is more noteworthy that the three brands are labelled "America". In fact, whether it is Simmons, Golden Kerr or Selenium, the products sold in the Chinese market are not from the United States, which makes Merlot source from the United States. The products that come here are totally different from the products sold by distributors in the Chinese market. Comparing the prices of completely different products, in addition to having hype value, what is the practical significance!

Melaleuca is transforming from an e-commerce product brand to an e-commerce product platform, so it is imperative to recruit a large number of home brands to settle in. By stifling the prices of the three major US imported mattress brands, Melaleuca gave people the impression that the prices were really cheap, which not only attracted consumer orders, but also attracted cooperation from brand owners.

No matter the subversives or the disruptors, Melaleuca is the beneficiary in this battle. This is the real reason for the high-spirited hard work and the WeChat in the middle of the night to ignite the war!

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