Bathroom decoration tile selection points

1. Select the low water absorption rate of the tile

In general, high quality tiles have a low water absorption rate so they can dry quickly. If the tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, you can use tea or water droplets on the back of the tile. After a few minutes, the degree of diffusion of the water droplets is observed. The less water is absorbed, the lower the water absorption rate and the better the quality. Tiles with high water absorption rate will cause cracks on the surface of the tile and peeling off the entire wall and floor tiles after the thermal expansion and contraction. It is necessary to pay attention to this problem when decorating the bathroom in the northern part of the four seasons.

2. Select the high density of the tile texture

When purchasing tiles, you can see from the side whether the brick surface is flat and whether there are pinholes with uneven thickness. At the same time, the tile can be tapped to hear whether the sound is crisp and the sound is more brittle, indicating that the tile has a high density and a good hardness. Such tiles are laid into the bathroom space, which is neither easy to damage nor easy to maintain and clean.

3. The humidity is large now advocates plastering the wall

This is not only for the sake of beauty, but also to resist the erosion of moisture and protect the waterproof layer of the wall.

4. Floor tiles are made of non-slip texture

When we go to buy, the merchants will usually remind us that the most recommended is the matte surface or the light and convex shape of the floor tiles, the reason is very simple: non-slip. In the decoration, we can pay attention to this, the general decoration team will do, if not done, you can supervise, the floor of the bathroom should be 10~20 mm below the floor of other rooms. When laying tiles, consider the location and size of the floor drain. Otherwise, there will be gaps, and the laying of the bricks usually retains 1% of the leakage slope, and the floor drain is the lowest to facilitate drainage.

5. Different dry and wet areas are distinguished by different colors

If your home chooses dry and wet decoration: the separation of the shower area from the toilet and the basin area. You can achieve a good division through different tile materials and color varieties, so that the two do not interfere with each other, to avoid the splash of water in the past, after the bath, wipe the East. This is a relatively common decoration method in foreign countries.

In simple terms, the bathroom usually has a relatively high humidity, and the requirements for the tile are waterproof, slip resistant, and abrasion resistant. The bathroom floor tiles are generally made of whole body bricks, which have good non-slip wear resistance; the bathroom wall tiles are usually made of glazed tiles, and the glazed tiles are rich in glazed color patterns and have strong anti-pollution ability.

DECNO luxury Vinyl Flooring offers the look of real wood or tile with the exceptional durability and performance that only a luxury vinyl floor can provide. Due to the feature of 100% waterproofs, it can be installed everywhere kitchens, basement even full bathrooms.

Vinyl flooring and especially luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) offer something truly unique; the realistic look of wood, stone, ceramic tile and more in a hardwearing, easy to care for floor. Naturally warm under foot and extremely tolerant of moisture and challenging environments, a vinyl floor could be just the solution you need.

Dry back Vinyl flooring is the one without click system and sometime glue used to stick to the ground.

Main Features:


Wear Layer: 0.07mm/0.1mm /0.2mm

Size:6"x36", 6"x48",7.25"x48"

structure of LVT flooring

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Dryback Vinyl Flooring

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